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    Started working on fancy scripting support: · 38884324
    Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
    * Split up campvis-application executable into campvis-application library and campvis executable. This allows to create a Lua module for the stuff in campvis-application.
    * Added Lua binding stub for campvis-application
    * Revised LuaTable and it's offsprings to (almost) fully model the Lua table model
    * Added MetatableLuaTable to model Lua's metatables
    * LuaTable supports caching the current field state in a value map supporting lazy instantiation
    * Added LuaTableTreeModel transforming the LuaTable structure into a QAbstractItemModel
    * Extended ScriptingWidget to contain both a LuaTableTreeWidget containing a variable view as well as with a LuaCompleter automatically completing the typed Lua commands with the variables extracted from the lua state.
    refs #643