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    + Using passthrough.vert and geometryrenderer.frag instead of the... · 38bfd697
    mostajab authored
    + Using passthrough.vert and geometryrenderer.frag instead of the meshGeometryRenderer.vert and meshgeometryrenderer.frag
    + adding comments for the destroy function of GeometryTextureInfo and why to use it.
    + Change the depth buffer size changing part of Paint() function in datacontainerinspectorcanvas checking part.
    + Delete the commented codes which are not necessary.
    + Fix the opening braces and removing the redundant parts and only for debugging parts.
    + DVRVis and volumerendererdemo default file is revereted to the original locations.
    + Revert the shaders to the original ones.
    + StartMouseDrag and EndMouseDrag functions of the trackball are replaced with mousePress and mouseRelease.
    - Delete the meshGeometryRenderer.vert and meshgeometryrenderer.frag.
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