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    Improve support for NMake-based builds · 5fbabbf9
    Artur Grunau authored
    To build CAMPVis using NMake one had to manually copy several external
    DLLs into the CMake output directory. There were 2 reasons for that:
    - our macros treated NMake as a compiler and didn't try to detect what
      compiler NMake will actually use; as a result, they couldn't find the
      right external DLLs for NMake-based builds
    - Visual Studio manages build types independently of CMake and always
      outputs into a build-type-specific sub-directory of the CMake output
      directory — that's where we place external DLLs; NMake, on the other
      hand, relies on CMake for build type selection and will output
      directly into the CMake output directory; due to this discrepancy,
      NMake-based builds couldn't find the external DLLs that were copied
      into the build directory
    As many popular IDEs (e.g. Qt Creator, Code::Blocks, Eclipse CDT) rely
    on NMake to build projects on Windows, it makes sense to have a working
    support for NMake in our build system.
    Update our compiler detection macros and adjust the CMake output
    directory to match that of Visual Studio when NMake is used to improve
    the support for NMake-based builds.
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