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    Squashed various commits: · dd8e9771
    Hossain Mahmud authored
    relocated mscopysegmentation module
    relocated alglib library. Compiler warning level raised to w1 to get rid of float-double conversions.
    save results into csv
    akima spline interpolation using alglib, deleting nearest point
    alglib library. extensive trimming required
    ctrl+wheel zooming, arrow movement, ctrl+z, atl+click_nearest+click to edit _nearest point
    multi object, multi location, multi slide contour point/line painting
    draft code for addobject deleteobject
    added ContourObject class linked with add and delete button.
    added a proxy class of Vec4Property/Widget as colorproperty/widget to control drawing color
    edited DevilImageReader to read multiple files having same name pattern: somePrefix_[number].[extension] given the 1st file name
    Worked on DevilImageReader to load single 2d image for 3d rendering
    exp_01 commit