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## CAMPVis: Medical Visualization Framework of CAMP
CAMPVis a software platform for medical imaging and visualization. It is targeted for research purposes and has a similar Rapid-Prototyping approach than MeVisLab, Amira or Voreen.
### Resources
* Source Code: [Gitlab](
* Build Instructions, Wiki, Documentation, Tutorials, Issue-Tracking: [Redmine](
* Doxygen Documentation: [Doxygen](
* Build Server / Continuous Integration: [Jenkins](
### Requirements
* C++ Compiler with Partial C++ 11 Support
* [Intel TBB](
* OpenGL 3.3+ Capable Video Hardware (and Drivers!)
* CMake Build System
### Tested Environments
* MSVC 2010+, gcc 4.8+
* nVidia GPUs
* Intel HD4000+ GPUs (Basically Ivy Bridge and Later)
### Getting in Touch
* [Christian Schulte zu Berge](
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