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Bumped gtest to 1.8.0, fixed some related issues

Note: The googletest directory included has been modified from the original release: The CMakeLists.txt has been adapted and gmock and some other unnecessary folders have been removed.
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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ ENDIF()
# build campvis-test when enabled
# Ignore CI build directory
# Build matrix / environment variable are explained on:
# This file can be validated on:
# /usr/bin/gcc is 4.6 always, but gcc-X.Y is available.
- if [ "$CXX" = "g++" ]; then export CXX="g++-4.9" CC="gcc-4.9"; fi
# /usr/bin/clang is 3.4, lets override with modern one.
- if [ "$CXX" = "clang++" ] && [ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" = "linux" ]; then export CXX="clang++-3.7" CC="clang-3.7"; fi
- echo ${PATH}
- echo ${CXX}
- ${CXX} --version
- ${CXX} -v
# List of whitelisted in travis packages for ubuntu-precise can be found here:
# List of whitelisted in travis apt-sources:
- ubuntu-toolchain-r-test
- llvm-toolchain-precise-3.7
- gcc-4.9
- g++-4.9
- clang-3.7
- valgrind
- linux
- osx
language: cpp
- gcc
- clang
script: ./
email: false
sudo: false
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6.2)
project( googletest-distribution )
add_subdirectory( googletest )
# Google Test #
[![Build Status](](
[![Build status](](
Welcome to **Google Test**, Google's C++ test framework!
This repository is a merger of the formerly separate GoogleTest and
GoogleMock projects. These were so closely related that it makes sense to
maintain and release them together.
Please see the project page above for more information as well as the
mailing list for questions, discussions, and development. There is
also an IRC channel on OFTC ( #gtest available. Please
join us!
Getting started information for **Google Test** is available in the
[Google Test Primer](googletest/docs/ documentation.
**Google Mock** is an extension to Google Test for writing and using C++ mock
classes. See the separate [Google Mock documentation](googlemock/
More detailed documentation for googletest (including build instructions) are
in its interior [googletest/](googletest/ file.
## Features ##
* An [XUnit]( test framework.
* Test discovery.
* A rich set of assertions.
* User-defined assertions.
* Death tests.
* Fatal and non-fatal failures.
* Value-parameterized tests.
* Type-parameterized tests.
* Various options for running the tests.
* XML test report generation.
## Platforms ##
Google test has been used on a variety of platforms:
* Linux
* Mac OS X
* Windows
* Cygwin
* MinGW
* Windows Mobile
* Symbian
## Who Is Using Google Test? ##
In addition to many internal projects at Google, Google Test is also used by
the following notable projects:
* The [Chromium projects]( (behind the Chrome
browser and Chrome OS).
* The [LLVM]( compiler.
* [Protocol Buffers](, Google's data
interchange format.
* The [OpenCV]( computer vision library.
## Related Open Source Projects ##
[Google Test UI]( is test runner that runs
your test binary, allows you to track its progress via a progress bar, and
displays a list of test failures. Clicking on one shows failure text. Google
Test UI is written in C#.
[GTest TAP Listener]( is an event
listener for Google Test that implements the
[TAP protocol]( for test
result output. If your test runner understands TAP, you may find it useful.
## Requirements ##
Google Test is designed to have fairly minimal requirements to build
and use with your projects, but there are some. Currently, we support
Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Cygwin. We will also make our best
effort to support other platforms (e.g. Solaris, AIX, and z/OS).
However, since core members of the Google Test project have no access
to these platforms, Google Test may have outstanding issues there. If
you notice any problems on your platform, please notify
<>. Patches for fixing them are
even more welcome!
### Linux Requirements ###
These are the base requirements to build and use Google Test from a source
package (as described below):
* GNU-compatible Make or gmake
* POSIX-standard shell
* POSIX(-2) Regular Expressions (regex.h)
* A C++98-standard-compliant compiler
### Windows Requirements ###
* Microsoft Visual C++ v7.1 or newer
### Cygwin Requirements ###
* Cygwin v1.5.25-14 or newer
### Mac OS X Requirements ###
* Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger or newer
* Xcode Developer Tools
### Requirements for Contributors ###
We welcome patches. If you plan to contribute a patch, you need to
build Google Test and its own tests from a git checkout (described
below), which has further requirements:
* [Python]( v2.3 or newer (for running some of
the tests and re-generating certain source files from templates)
* [CMake]( v2.6.4 or newer
## Regenerating Source Files ##
Some of Google Test's source files are generated from templates (not
in the C++ sense) using a script.
For example, the
file include/gtest/internal/gtest-type-util.h.pump is used to generate
gtest-type-util.h in the same directory.
You don't need to worry about regenerating the source files
unless you need to modify them. You would then modify the
corresponding `.pump` files and run the '[](googletest/scripts/'
generator script. See the [Pump Manual](googletest/docs/
### Contributing Code ###
We welcome patches. Please read the
[Developer's Guide](googletest/docs/
for how you can contribute. In particular, make sure you have signed
the Contributor License Agreement, or we won't be able to accept the
Happy testing!
version: '{build}'
os: Visual Studio 2015
- Toolset: v140
- Toolset: v120
- Toolset: v110
- Toolset: v100
- Win32
- x64
# - Release
- Debug
verbosity: minimal
- path: '_build/Testing/Temporary/*'
name: test_results
- ps: |
Write-Output "Configuration: $env:CONFIGURATION"
Write-Output "Platform: $env:PLATFORM"
$generator = switch ($env:TOOLSET)
"v140" {"Visual Studio 14 2015"}
"v120" {"Visual Studio 12 2013"}
"v110" {"Visual Studio 11 2012"}
"v100" {"Visual Studio 10 2010"}
if ($env:PLATFORM -eq "x64")
$generator = "$generator Win64"
- ps: |
if (($env:TOOLSET -eq "v100") -and ($env:PLATFORM -eq "x64"))
md _build -Force | Out-Null
cd _build
& cmake -G "$generator" -DCMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES="Debug;Release" -Dgtest_build_tests=ON -Dgtest_build_samples=ON -Dgmock_build_tests=ON ..
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
throw "Exec: $ErrorMessage"
& cmake --build . --config $env:CONFIGURATION
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
throw "Exec: $ErrorMessage"
- ps: |
if (($env:Toolset -eq "v100") -and ($env:PLATFORM -eq "x64"))
& ctest -C $env:CONFIGURATION --output-on-failure
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
throw "Exec: $ErrorMessage"
Changes for 1.7.0:
* New feature: death tests are supported on OpenBSD and in iOS
simulator now.
* New feature: Google Test now implements a protocol to allow
a test runner to detect that a test program has exited
prematurely and report it as a failure (before it would be
falsely reported as a success if the exit code is 0).
* New feature: Test::RecordProperty() can now be used outside of the
lifespan of a test method, in which case it will be attributed to
the current test case or the test program in the XML report.
* New feature (potentially breaking): --gtest_list_tests now prints
the type parameters and value parameters for each test.
* Improvement: char pointers and char arrays are now escaped properly
in failure messages.
* Improvement: failure summary in XML reports now includes file and
line information.
* Improvement: the <testsuites> XML element now has a timestamp attribute.
* Improvement: When --gtest_filter is specified, XML report now doesn't
contain information about tests that are filtered out.
* Fixed the bug where long --gtest_filter flag values are truncated in
death tests.
* Potentially breaking change: RUN_ALL_TESTS() is now implemented as a
function instead of a macro in order to work better with Clang.
* Compatibility fixes with C++ 11 and various platforms.
* Bug/warning fixes.
Changes for 1.6.0:
* New feature: ADD_FAILURE_AT() for reporting a test failure at the
given source location -- useful for writing testing utilities.
* New feature: the universal value printer is moved from Google Mock
to Google Test.
* New feature: type parameters and value parameters are reported in
the XML report now.
* A gtest_disable_pthreads CMake option.
* Colored output works in GNU Screen sessions now.
* Parameters of value-parameterized tests are now printed in the
textual output.
* Failures from ad hoc test assertions run before RUN_ALL_TESTS() are
now correctly reported.
* Arguments of ASSERT_XY and EXPECT_XY no longer need to support << to
* More complete handling of exceptions.
* GTEST_ASSERT_XY can be used instead of ASSERT_XY in case the latter
name is already used by another library.
* --gtest_catch_exceptions is now true by default, allowing a test
program to continue after an exception is thrown.
* Value-parameterized test fixtures can now derive from Test and
WithParamInterface<T> separately, easing conversion of legacy tests.
* Death test messages are clearly marked to make them more
distinguishable from other messages.
* Compatibility fixes for Android, Google Native Client, MinGW, HP UX,
PowerPC, Lucid autotools, libCStd, Sun C++, Borland C++ Builder (Code Gear),
IBM XL C++ (Visual Age C++), and C++0x.
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
* Potentially incompatible changes: disables the harmful 'make install'
command in autotools.
Changes for 1.5.0:
* New feature: assertions can be safely called in multiple threads
where the pthreads library is available.
* New feature: predicates used inside EXPECT_TRUE() and friends
can now generate custom failure messages.
* New feature: Google Test can now be compiled as a DLL.
* New feature: fused source files are included.
* New feature: prints help when encountering unrecognized Google Test flags.
* Experimental feature: CMake build script (requires CMake 2.6.4+).
* Experimental feature: the Pump script for meta programming.
* double values streamed to an assertion are printed with enough precision
to differentiate any two different values.
* Google Test now works on Solaris and AIX.
* Build and test script improvements.
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Potentially breaking changes:
* Stopped supporting VC++ 7.1 with exceptions disabled.
* Dropped support for 'make install'.
Changes for 1.4.0:
* New feature: the event listener API
* New feature: test shuffling
* New feature: the XML report format is closer to junitreport and can
be parsed by Hudson now.
* New feature: when a test runs under Visual Studio, its failures are
integrated in the IDE.
* New feature: /MD(d) versions of VC++ projects.
* New feature: elapsed time for the tests is printed by default.
* New feature: comes with a TR1 tuple implementation such that Boost
is no longer needed for Combine().
* New feature: EXPECT_DEATH_IF_SUPPORTED macro and friends.
* New feature: the Xcode project can now produce static gtest
libraries in addition to a framework.
* Compatibility fixes for Solaris, Cygwin, minGW, Windows Mobile,
Symbian, gcc, and C++Builder.
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Changes for 1.3.0:
* New feature: death tests on Windows, Cygwin, and Mac.
* New feature: ability to use Google Test assertions in other testing
* New feature: ability to run disabled test via
* New feature: the --help flag for printing the usage.
* New feature: access to Google Test flag values in user code.
* New feature: a script that packs Google Test into one .h and one
.cc file for easy deployment.
* New feature: support for distributing test functions to multiple
machines (requires support from the test runner).
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Changes for 1.2.1:
* Compatibility fixes for Linux IA-64 and IBM z/OS.
* Added support for using Boost and other TR1 implementations.
* Changes to the build scripts to support upcoming release of Google C++
Mocking Framework.
* Added Makefile to the distribution package.
* Improved build instructions in README.
Changes for 1.2.0:
* New feature: value-parameterized tests.
* Changed the XML report format to match JUnit/Ant's.
* Added tests to the Xcode project.
* Added scons/SConscript for building with SCons.
* Added src/ for building Google Test from a single file.
* Fixed compatibility with Solaris and z/OS.
* Enabled running Python tests on systems with python 2.3 installed,
e.g. Mac OS X 10.4.
* Bug fixes.
Changes for 1.1.0:
* New feature: type-parameterized tests.
* New feature: exception assertions.
* New feature: printing elapsed time of tests.
* Improved the robustness of death tests.
* Added an Xcode project and samples.
* Adjusted the output format on Windows to be understandable by Visual Studio.
* Minor bug fixes.
Changes for 1.0.1:
* Added project files for Visual Studio 7.1.
* Fixed issues with compiling on Mac OS X.
* Fixed issues with compiling on Cygwin.
Changes for 1.0.0:
* Initial Open Source release of Google Test
# This file contains a list of people who've made non-trivial
# contribution to the Google C++ Testing Framework project. People
# who commit code to the project are encouraged to add their names
# here. Please keep the list sorted by first names.
Ajay Joshi <>
Balázs Dán <>
Bharat Mediratta <>
Chandler Carruth <>
Chris Prince <>
Chris Taylor <>
Dan Egnor <>
Eric Roman <>
Hady Zalek <>
Jeffrey Yasskin <>
Jói Sigurðsson <>
Keir Mierle <>
Keith Ray <>
Kenton Varda <>
Manuel Klimek <>
Markus Heule <>
Mika Raento <>
Miklós Fazekas <>
Pasi Valminen <>
Patrick Hanna <>
Patrick Riley <>
Peter Kaminski <>
Preston Jackson <>
Rainer Klaffenboeck <>
Russ Cox <>
Russ Rufer <>
Sean Mcafee <>
Sigurður Ásgeirsson <>
Tracy Bialik <>
Vadim Berman <>
Vlad Losev <>
Zhanyong Wan <>
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ macro(config_compiler_and_linker)
if (MSVC)
# Newlines inside flags variables break CMake's NMake generator.
# TODO( Add -RTCs and -RTCu to debug builds.
set(cxx_base_flags "-GS -W4 -WX -wd4127 -wd4251 -wd4275 -nologo -J -Zi")
set(cxx_base_flags "-GS -W4 -WX -wd4251 -wd4275 -nologo -J -Zi")
if (MSVC_VERSION LESS 1400) # 1400 is Visual Studio 2005
# Suppress spurious warnings MSVC 7.1 sometimes issues.
# Forcing value to bool.
......@@ -66,11 +66,24 @@ macro(config_compiler_and_linker)
# Resolved overload was found by argument-dependent lookup.
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -wd4675")
if (MSVC_VERSION LESS 1500) # 1500 is Visual Studio 2008
# Conditional expression is constant.
# When compiling with /W4, we get several instances of C4127
# (Conditional expression is constant). In our code, we disable that
# warning on a case-by-case basis. However, on Visual Studio 2005,
# the warning fires on std::list. Therefore on that compiler and earlier,
# we disable the warning project-wide.
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -wd4127")
if (NOT (MSVC_VERSION LESS 1700)) # 1700 is Visual Studio 2012.
# Suppress "unreachable code" warning on VS 2012 and later.
# explains the issue.
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -wd4702")
if (NOT (MSVC_VERSION GREATER 1900)) # 1900 is Visual Studio 2015
# BigObj required for tests.
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -bigobj")
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -D_UNICODE -DUNICODE -DWIN32 -D_WIN32")
set(cxx_base_flags "${cxx_base_flags} -DSTRICT -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN")
......@@ -226,8 +239,16 @@ function(py_test name)
# directly bind it from cmake. ${CTEST_CONFIGURATION_TYPE} is known
# only at ctest runtime (by calling ctest -c <Configuration>), so
# we have to escape $ to delay variable substitution here.
NAME ${name}
# At this point, the Xcode project assumes the version string will be three
# integers separated by periods and surrounded by square brackets (e.g.
# "[1.0.1]"). It also asumes that there won't be any closing parenthesis
# between "AC_INIT(" and the closing ")" including comments and strings.
AC_INIT([Google C++ Testing Framework],
# Provide various options to initialize the Autoconf and configure processes.
AC_CONFIG_FILES([scripts/gtest-config], [chmod +x scripts/gtest-config])
# Initialize Automake with various options. We require at least v1.9, prevent
# pedantic complaints about package files, and enable various distribution
# targets.
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 dist-bzip2 dist-zip foreign subdir-objects])
# Check for programs used in building Google Test.
# TODO( Currently we aren't running the Python tests
# against the interpreter detected by AM_PATH_PYTHON, and so we condition
# HAVE_PYTHON by requiring "python" to be in the PATH, and that interpreter's
# version to be >= 2.3. This will allow the scripts to use a "/usr/bin/env"
# hashbang.
PYTHON= # We *do not* allow the user to specify a python interpreter
AS_IF([test "$PYTHON" != ":"],
# Configure pthreads.
[use pthreads (default is yes)])],
AS_IF([test "x$with_pthreads" != "xno"],
[AS_IF([test "x$with_pthreads" != "xcheck"],
[--with-pthreads was specified, but unable to be used])])])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_PTHREADS],[test "x$have_pthreads" = "xyes"])
# TODO( Check for the necessary system headers.
# TODO( Check the types, structures, and other compiler
# and architecture characteristics.
# Output the generated files. No further autoconf macros may be used.
......@@ -1387,14 +1387,17 @@ internal::CartesianProductHolder10<Generator1, Generator2, Generator3,
static int AddToRegistry() { \
::testing::UnitTest::GetInstance()->parameterized_test_registry(). \
#test_case_name, __FILE__, __LINE__)->AddTestPattern(\
#test_case_name, \
__FILE__, __LINE__))->AddTestPattern(\
#test_case_name, \
#test_name, \
new ::testing::internal::TestMetaFactory< \
GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name)>()); \
test_case_name, test_name)>()); \
return 0; \
} \