Commit 2d4761ba authored by Artur Grunau's avatar Artur Grunau
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Add support for disconnecting slots defined in Lua

Up until now it wasn't possible to manually disconnect slots defined in
Lua: they could only be disconnected automatically when their
corresponding signals were destroyed.

Add a special `disconnect` method to sigslot's Lua wrapper that makes it
possible to manually disconnect slots defined in Lua.

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......@@ -130,6 +130,25 @@ namespace sigslot {
return _dummy_dest;
* Check if this connection's slot function is the same as the given Lua function.
* @param slot_fn reference to a Lua function acting as a slot
* @return true if this connection wraps the given Lua function, false otherwise
bool wrapsSlotFunction(SWIGLUA_REF slot_fn) {
if (slot_fn.L != _slot_fn.L)
return false;
bool result = lua_rawequal(slot_fn.L, -1, -2) == 1;
lua_pop(_slot_fn.L, 2);
return result;
SWIGLUA_REF _slot_fn; ///< Reference to a Lua function acting as a slot
mutable has_slots<mt_policy>* _dummy_dest; ///< Dummy destination object needed to support getdest()
......@@ -158,6 +177,32 @@ namespace sigslot {
new sigslot::_lua_connection1<arg1_type, mt_policy>(slot_fn);
* Disconnect a Lua function from this signal.
* @param slot_fn reference to a Lua function acting as a slot
void disconnect(SWIGLUA_REF slot_fn) {
typedef sigslot::_signal_base1<arg1_type, mt_policy>::connections_list connections_list;
sigslot::lock_block_write<mt_policy> lock($self);
connections_list::iterator it = $self->m_connected_slots.begin();
connections_list::iterator itEnd = $self->m_connected_slots.end();
while (it != itEnd) {
sigslot::_lua_connection1<arg1_type, mt_policy>* lua_connection =
dynamic_cast<sigslot::_lua_connection1<arg1_type, mt_policy>*>(*it);
if (lua_connection != nullptr && lua_connection->wrapsSlotFunction(slot_fn)) {
delete lua_connection;
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