Commit 4465267b authored by Jakob Weiss's avatar Jakob Weiss
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Fixed stereocameragenerator.cpp

(cherry picked from commit 00cdb42948e45681b5cde12629f6970b906b0eec)
parent c908bd58
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ namespace campvis {
camera.getFocus() - rightVec, camera.getUpVector(),
camera.getFovy(), camera.getRatio(), nearDist, farDist);
camLeft.setFrustum(cgt::Frustum(left, right, bottom, top, nearDist, farDist));
dataContainer.addData(p_sourceCameraID.getValue() + ".left", new CameraData(camLeft));
dataContainer.addData(p_sourceCameraID.getValue() + ".right", new CameraData(camRight));
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