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Commit 571bb014 authored by Hossain Mahmud's avatar Hossain Mahmud Committed by Christian Schulte zu Berge
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added ImageSeries tests

parent ab691100
...@@ -77,6 +77,5 @@ namespace campvis { ...@@ -77,6 +77,5 @@ namespace campvis {
tgtAssert(index < _images.size(), "Index out of bounds."); tgtAssert(index < _images.size(), "Index out of bounds.");
return _images[index]; return _images[index];
} }
} }
\ No newline at end of file
// include gtest library
#include "gtest/gtest.h"
// include(s) for class to be tested
#include "core/datastructures/imageseries.h"
// additional includes
#include "core/datastructures/imagedata.h"
class ImageSeriesTest : public testing::Test {
ImageSeriesTest() {
_image = new campvis::ImageData(2, tgt::svec3(1,2,3), 4);
_dh = campvis::DataHandle(_image);
~ImageSeriesTest() {
delete _image;
// If the constructor and destructor are not enough for setting up
// and cleaning up each test, you can define the following two methods
virtual void SetUp() {
virtual void TearDown() {
campvis::ImageSeries _imgSeries1, _imgSeries2, _imgSeries3;
campvis::ImageData* _image;
campvis::DataHandle _dh;
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, getNumImageTest) {
EXPECT_EQ(0, _imgSeries1.getNumImages());
EXPECT_EQ(1, _imgSeries2.getNumImages());
EXPECT_EQ(1, _imgSeries3.getNumImages());
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, addImageTest) {
EXPECT_EQ(2, _imgSeries3.getNumImages());
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, getImageTest) {
//EXPECT_EQ(_dh.getData(), &_imgSeries2.getImage(_imgSeries2.getNumImages()-1).getData());
EXPECT_EQ(_dh.getTimestamp(), _imgSeries2.getImage(_imgSeries2.getNumImages()-1).getTimestamp());
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, getLocalMemoryFootprintTest) {
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, getVideoMemoryFootprintTest) {
TEST_F(ImageSeriesTest, cloneTest) {
campvis::ImageSeries* tempSeries = _imgSeries2.clone();
EXPECT_EQ(_imgSeries2.getNumImages(), tempSeries->getNumImages());
EXPECT_EQ(_imgSeries2.getLocalMemoryFootprint(), tempSeries->getLocalMemoryFootprint());
EXPECT_EQ(_imgSeries2.getVideoMemoryFootprint(), tempSeries->getVideoMemoryFootprint());
EXPECT_EQ(_imgSeries2.getImage(_imgSeries2.getNumImages()-1).getTimestamp(), tempSeries->getImage(tempSeries->getNumImages()-1).getTimestamp());
delete tempSeries;
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