Commit 5a2b70dd authored by Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar Christian Schulte zu Berge
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globally deactivated some MSVC warning

parent 3c7bf8c0
......@@ -68,19 +68,14 @@ IF(WIN32)
# Disable warnings for Microsoft compiler:
# C4305: 'identifier' : truncation from 'type1' to 'type2'
# C4800: 'type' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning
# C4290: C++ exception specification ignored except to indicate a function is
# not __declspec(nothrow)
# C4068: unknown pragma
# C4251 class needs to have dll interface (used for std classes)
# C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list
# occurs in processors' constructors when initializing event properties,
# but is safe there, since the 'this' pointer is only stored and not accessed.
# C4390: ';' : empty controlled statement found; is this the intent?
# occurs when OpenGL error logging macros are disabled
#LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /wd4305 /wd4800 /wd4290 /wd4068 /wd4251 /wd4355 /wd4390)
LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /wd4290 /wd4390)
# C4503: The decorated name was longer than the compiler limit (4096), and was truncated.
# Occurs in AutoEvaluatePipeline due to some nested nested map-iterator-map. Could
# not be deactivated locally...
LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /wd4290 /wd4390 /wd4503)
# enable parallel builds in Visual Studio
LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /MP)
......@@ -88,9 +83,6 @@ IF(WIN32)
# prevent error: number of sections exceeded object file format limit
LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /bigobj)
# enable SSE2 instructions for MSVC
LIST(APPEND CampvisGlobalDefinitions /arch:SSE2)
# allows 32 Bit builds to use more than 2GB RAM (VC++ only)
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