Commit 6aaec296 authored by Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar Christian Schulte zu Berge
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Major update of SliceExtractor:

* Now supports optional scaling and offset of image
* Added properties for geometry render style and size
* Fixed some scribbling-related bugs
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......@@ -95,14 +95,24 @@ namespace campvis {
DataNameProperty p_geometryID; ///< ID for input geometry
DataNameProperty p_targetImageID; ///< image ID for output image
GenericOptionProperty<SliceOrientation> p_sliceOrientation; ///< orientation of the slice to extract
/// orientation of the slice to extract
GenericOptionProperty<SliceOrientation> p_sliceOrientation;
IntProperty p_xSliceNumber; ///< number of the slice in X direction
Vec4Property p_xSliceColor; ///< color for x marker
IntProperty p_ySliceNumber; ///< number of the slice in Y direction
Vec4Property p_ySliceColor; ///< color for y marker
IntProperty p_zSliceNumber; ///< number of the slice in Z direction
Vec4Property p_zSliceColor; ///< color for z marker
TransferFunctionProperty p_transferFunction; ///< Transfer function
BoolProperty p_fitToWindow; ///< Flag whether fit image to window or use scaling and offset
FloatProperty p_scalingFactor; ///< Image scaling factor
IVec2Property p_offset; ///< Image offset
TransferFunctionProperty p_transferFunction; ///< Transfer function
GenericOptionProperty<GLenum> p_geometryRenderMode; ///< Render mode for the geometry
FloatProperty p_geometryRenderSize; ///< Size of rendered elements
/// \see AbstractProcessor::updateResult
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