Commit 73afddbe authored by Jakob Weiss's avatar Jakob Weiss
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Changed names of template file

parent 53e27972
#include "core/pipeline/pipelinefactory.h"
#include "core/pipeline/processorfactory.h"
#include "modules/cppcourse/pipelines/cppcourse.h"
#include "modules/cppcourse/pipelines/cppcoursepipeline.h"
#include "modules/cppcourse/processors/verysimpleraycaster.h"
namespace campvis {
// explicitly instantiate templates to register the pipelines to make them available in the prototyping GUI
//template class PipelineRegistrar<CPPCourse>;
//template class PipelineRegistrar<CPPCoursePipeline>;
template class SmartProcessorRegistrar<VerySimpleRaycaster>;
#include "cppcoursepipeline.h"
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