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matrixprocessor now listens for dataAdded signals of the data container. also,...

matrixprocessor now listens for dataAdded signals of the data container. also, documentation of the MatrixProcessor class.
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......@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ namespace campvis {
, p_matrixAModifiers("MatrixAModifiers", "Matrix A Modifiers")
, p_matrixBModifiers("MatrixBModifiers", "Matrix B Modifiers")
, p_targetMatrixID("TargetMatrixID", "Target Matrix ID", "result.matrix", DataNameProperty::WRITE)
, lastdc_(nullptr)
addProperty(p_matrixA, VALID);
addProperty(p_matrixAModifiers, VALID);
addProperty(p_matrixB, VALID);
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ namespace campvis {
MatrixProcessor::~MatrixProcessor() {
if (lastdc_)
void MatrixProcessor::init() {
......@@ -65,6 +66,15 @@ namespace campvis {
void MatrixProcessor::updateResult(DataContainer& data) {
if (&data != lastdc_) {
if (lastdc_) {
data.s_dataAdded.connect(this, &MatrixProcessor::DataContainerDataAdded);
lastdc_ = &data;
tgt::mat4 matA = processMatrixString(p_matrixA.getValue(), data);
tgt::mat4 matB = processMatrixString(p_matrixB.getValue(), data);
......@@ -88,6 +98,12 @@ namespace campvis {
void MatrixProcessor::updateProperties(DataContainer& dataContainer)
// we invalidate just in case a hardcoded matrix or its modifiers have changed
tgt::mat4 MatrixProcessor::processMatrixString(std::string matrixString, DataContainer& data)
std::vector<std::string> tokens = StringUtils::split(matrixString, " ");
......@@ -194,4 +210,10 @@ namespace campvis {
return result;
void MatrixProcessor::DataContainerDataAdded(const std::string &name, const DataHandle &data)
if (name == p_matrixA.getValue() || name == p_matrixB.getValue())
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -38,19 +38,23 @@
namespace campvis {
* Experimental demo implementation how to receive MHD files via CAMPCom, convert it to
* CAMPVis ImageData and store it into the DataContainer.
* Matrix processor to perform some basic matrix arithmatic like combining two matrices.
* Takes two matrices as an input either from a string or from the data container
* (see \a processMatrixString()), preprocesses them according to the specified modifiers (see \a processModiferString())
* and puts the result of multiplying A*B into the data container as a \a TransformData entry.
* Example use case: OpenIGTLink client outputs matrices TrackerToReference and TrackerToProbe. Configure
* matrixA as "TrackerToProbe" with modifier "I" and matrixB as "TrackerToReference" with empty modifier
* to compute the "ProbeToReference" matrix. If an additional calibration matrix is needed, this can be achieved by
* adding a new MatrixProcessor that multiplies a hardcoded calibration matrix to the result or the inputs.
class MatrixProcessor : public AbstractProcessor {
* Constructs a new CampcomMhdReceiver Processor
/// Constructor
* Destructor
/// Destructor
virtual ~MatrixProcessor();
/// \see AbstractProcessor::init()
......@@ -70,20 +74,63 @@ namespace campvis {
StringProperty p_matrixA; ///< first Matrix input for the computation. \see MatrixProcessor::processMatrixString()
StringProperty p_matrixB; ///< second Matrix input for the computation. \see MatrixProcessor::processMatrixString()
StringProperty p_matrixAModifiers; ///< modifier string to be applied to matrix A. \see MatrixProcessor::processModifiers()
StringProperty p_matrixBModifiers; ///< modifier string to be applied to matrix B. \see MatrixProcessor::processModifiers()
StringProperty p_matrixAModifiers; ///< modifier string to be applied to matrix A. \see MatrixProcessor::processModifierString()
StringProperty p_matrixBModifiers; ///< modifier string to be applied to matrix B. \see MatrixProcessor::processModifierString()
DataNameProperty p_targetMatrixID; ///< image ID for read image
void DataContainerDataAdded(const std::string& name, const DataHandle& data);
/// \see AbstractProcessor::updateResult()
virtual void updateResult(DataContainer& dataContainer);
/// \see AbstractProcessor::updateProperties()
virtual void updateProperties(DataContainer& dataContainer);
* Processes a modifier string and returns the modified matrix.
* \param matrix the input matrix to be modified
* \param modifiers a string containing modifiers that will be applied to the matrix from left to right.
* Possible Modifiers are:
* - _I_: invert matrix
* - _T_: transpose matrix
* - _r_: extract rotational part \see tgt::mat4::getRotationalPart()
* - _s_: extract scaling part \see tgt::mat4::getScalingPart()
* - _-_: negate componentwise
* i.e. a call with a modifier string "IT" will calculate the transpose of the inverse.
tgt::mat4 processModifierString(tgt::mat4 matrix, std::string modifiers);
* Processes a matrix string and returns the resulting matrix.
* \param matrixString the matrix string to be parsed
* \param data the data container that is used to read data from
* The matrix string can either be a name to a data handle or a string specifying a matrix directly.
* The string is split into tokens with space as a delimiter and is parsed according to the following rules:
* - an empty string or "identity" creates an identity matrix
* - if the string contains exactly 16 tokens, a direct matrix input is assumed: all
* tokens are converted to floats and are used as coefficients. The parsing is done row-major: a
* string "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 creates a matrix with first row 1,2,3,4, second row
* 5,6,7,8 and so on
* - "rot <angle> <ax> <ay> <az>" creates a rotation matrix around axis (ax,ay,az) with specified angle in radians.
* \see tgt::mat4::createRotation()
* - "trans <tx> <ty> <tz>" creates a translation matrix with translation (tx,ty,tz)
* - "scale <sx> [<sy> <sz>]" creates a scaling matrix. if only one coefficient is specified, a uniform scaling
* is created, otherwise all three scaling factors are used.
* - if any of the above fails, a warning is emitted and identity is returned
* - if none of the above cases apply, the name is assumed to be a name of a data handle in the supplied data container,
* containing an entry of type \a TransformData
tgt::mat4 processMatrixString(std::string matrixString, DataContainer& data);
DataContainer * lastdc_;
static const std::string loggerCat_;
......@@ -124,13 +124,13 @@ namespace campvis {
virtual void run();
/// Receive a TRANSFORM message from the OpenIGTLink socket and put the data into the local buffers
int ReceiveTransform(igtl::Socket * socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
int ReceiveTransform(igtl::Socket* socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
/// Receive a POSITION message from the OpenIGTLink socket and put the data into the local buffers
int ReceivePosition(igtl::Socket * socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
int ReceivePosition(igtl::Socket* socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
/// Receive a IMAGE message from the OpenIGTLink socket and put into the local buffers
int ReceiveImage(igtl::Socket * socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
int ReceiveImage(igtl::Socket* socket, igtl::MessageHeader::Pointer& header);
igtl::ClientSocket::Pointer _socket;
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