Commit a00b0215 authored by Artur Grunau's avatar Artur Grunau
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MdiDockableWindow: override the activateWindow method

The default implementation of activateWindow didn't forward activation
requests to MdiDockableWindow's sub-windows. Since MdiDockableWindow is
always hidden, the method was pretty much a no-op in disguise.

The overridden version of activateWindow properly forwards activation
requests, using the right method to activate the current sub-window, no
matter if it's floating or docked.
parent ecf3778f
......@@ -61,6 +61,13 @@ namespace campvis {
void MdiDockableWindow::activateWindow() {
if (_docked)
QAction* MdiDockableWindow::toggleViewAction() const {
return _toggleViewAction;
......@@ -67,6 +67,13 @@ namespace campvis {
void setWindowTitle(const QString& title);
* Set this window to be the active window.
* Calling this function causes the window to get the keyboard input focus.
void activateWindow();
* Change the window's visibility.
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