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Commit b5ccf9de authored by schultezub's avatar schultezub
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git-svn-id: bb408c1c-ae56-11e1-83d9-df6b3e0c105e
parent d9a8d2fa
#include "abstractpipeline.h"
namespace TUMVis {
const std::string AbstractPipeline::loggerCat_ = "TUMVis.core.datastructures.AbstractPipeline";
AbstractPipeline::AbstractPipeline(tgt::GLCanvas* canvas /*= 0*/)
: _canvas(canvas)
AbstractPipeline::~AbstractPipeline() {
void AbstractPipeline::onEvent(tgt::Event* e) {
// cycle through event handlers, ask each one if it handles the event and if so, execute it.
for (std::vector<AbstractEventHandler*>::iterator it = _eventHandlers.begin(); it != _eventHandlers.end() && !e->isAccepted(); ++it) {
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ namespace TUMVis {
tgt::GLCanvas* _canvas; ///< Target canvas for rendering
std::vector<AbstractEventHandler*> _eventHandlers; ///< List of registered event handlers for the pipeline
PropertyCollection _properties; ///< PropertyCollection of this pipeline
PropertyCollection _properties; ///< PropertyCollection of this pipeline, put in here all properties you want to be publicly accessible
static const std::string loggerCat_;
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