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Commit c2348225 authored by Artur Grunau's avatar Artur Grunau
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Add support for automatic registration of Lua pipelines

As there's currently only one Lua pipeline, we could so far get away
with storing it in the `scripting` directory, giving it a generic name
and registering it manually. However, this approach won't work anymore
once additional Lua pipelines start to be implemented.

To support multiple Lua pipelines, implement a registration mechanism
for scripted pipelines based on PipelineFactory and similar to
PipelineRegistrar. It scans each active module's `pipelines` directory
for Lua pipelines, parses them and generates a registration header that,
when included, registers them with PipelineFactory.

As a result of the above, the test Lua pipeline had to be moved to
`modules/preprocessing/pipelines/` and could be renamed

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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
#include "modules/pipelinefactory.h"
#include "scripting/scriptedpipelineregistrar.h"
#include "scripting/gen_pipelineregistration.h"
namespace campvis {
......@@ -67,6 +67,61 @@ MACRO(PARSE_HEADER_FOR_PIPELINE FileName)
LIST(APPEND ScriptedPipelineRegistrationScriptFiles ${ScriptFile})
LIST(APPEND ScriptedPipelineRegistrationPipelineNames ${PipelineName})
MESSAGE(STATUS "* Generating scripted pipeline registration header: ${FileName}")
SET(PipelineRegistrationSource "// WARNING: This file is automatically generated by CMake, do not modify!\n\n" )
LIST(APPEND PipelineRegistrationSource "// Include required headers:\n"
"#include \"scripting/scriptedpipelineregistrar.h\"\n")
LIST(APPEND PipelineRegistrationSource "\nnamespace campvis {\n\tnamespace {\n" )
LIST(APPEND PipelineRegistrationSource "\t\t// Instantiate templated ScriptedPipelineRegistrars to register pipelines.\n" )
LIST(GET ScriptedPipelineRegistrationPipelineNames 0 PipelineName)
LIST(REMOVE_AT ScriptedPipelineRegistrationPipelineNames 0)
LIST(GET ScriptedPipelineRegistrationScriptFiles 0 ScriptFile)
LIST(REMOVE_AT ScriptedPipelineRegistrationScriptFiles 0)
LIST(APPEND PipelineRegistrationSource "\t\tchar ${PipelineName}PipelineId[] = \"${PipelineName}\"\;\n"
"\t\tchar ${PipelineName}PipelineScript[] = \"${ScriptFile}\"\;\n"
"\t\ttemplate class ScriptedPipelineRegistrar"
"<IdentifiableLuaPipeline<${PipelineName}PipelineId>, "
LIST(APPEND PipelineRegistrationSource "\t}\n}\n" )
FILE(WRITE ${FileName} ${PipelineRegistrationSource})
FILE(READ ${FileName} content)
# Build a regex matching pipeline declarations and extracting their names
SET(DeclarationRegex "pipeline = campvis.newPipeline\\(\"([A-Za-z0-9_]+)\"\\)")
# Find all pipeline declarations
STRING(REGEX MATCHALL ${DeclarationRegex} matches ${content})
LIST(LENGTH matches MatchCount)
IF(MatchCount LESS 1)
MESSAGE(WARNING "No pipelines found in script '${FileName}'")
MESSAGE(WARNING "Script '${FileName}' defines multiple pipelines; ignoring")
ELSE(MatchCount LESS 1)
# Extract pipeline name and register
STRING(REGEX REPLACE ${DeclarationRegex} "\\1" RESULT ${matches})
ENDIF(MatchCount LESS 1)
MACRO(INCLUDE_MODULE ModuleDirectory ModuleListFile)
STRING(TOUPPER ${ModuleDirectory} ModuleDirectoryUpper)
SET(ThisModDir ${ModulesDir}/${ModuleDirectory})
......@@ -252,7 +252,11 @@ namespace campvis {
%luacode {
function campvis.newPipeline (o)
function campvis.newPipeline (name, o)
if not name then
error("A name must be provided when creating a new pipeline!")
o = o or {} -- create object if user does not provide one
setmetatable(o, {__index = instance})
return o
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ require("cvio")
pipeline = campvis.newPipeline()
pipeline = campvis.newPipeline("ResamplingDemoLua")
function pipeline:ctor()
print("I'm being constructed!")
# Header with SWIG run-time functions
# Scripted pipeline registration header
......@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ FOREACH(ModName ${CampvisModules})
LIST(APPEND CampvisBindingDirs "modules/${ModName}")
FILE(GLOB ModLuaPipelines "${CampvisHome}/modules/${ModName}/pipelines/*.lua")
LIST(APPEND CampvisLuaPipelines ${ModLuaPipelines})
ENDFOREACH(ModName ${CampvisModules})
......@@ -98,6 +101,14 @@ FOREACH(BindingDir ${CampvisBindingDirs})
ENDFOREACH(BindingDir ${CampvisBindingDirs})
# Generate a registration header for Lua pipelines
FOREACH(LuaPipeline ${CampvisLuaPipelines})
ENDFOREACH(LuaPipeline ${CampvisBindingDirs})
# Generate header with SWIG run-time functions
OUTPUT "swigluarun.h"
......@@ -12,8 +12,9 @@ extern "C" {
namespace campvis {
LuaPipeline::LuaPipeline(std::string scriptPath, DataContainer* dc)
LuaPipeline::LuaPipeline(const std::string name, std::string scriptPath, DataContainer* dc)
: AutoEvaluationPipeline(dc)
, _name(name)
, _scriptPath(scriptPath)
, _luaVmState(new LuaVmState())
, _pipelineTable(_luaVmState->getGlobalTable()->getTable("pipeline"))
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ namespace campvis {
* \param scriptPath Path to the Lua script defining the pipeline
* \param dc DataContainer containing local working set of data for this pipeline
LuaPipeline(const std::string scriptPath, DataContainer* dc);
LuaPipeline(const std::string name, const std::string scriptPath, DataContainer* dc);
* Virtual Destructor
......@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ namespace campvis {
virtual ~LuaPipeline();
/// \see AbstractPipeline::getName()
virtual const std::string getName() const { return getId(); }
static const std::string getId() { return "LuaPipeline"; }
virtual const std::string getName() const { return _name; }
/// \see AutoEvaluationPipeline::init()
virtual void init();
......@@ -35,6 +34,7 @@ namespace campvis {
virtual void deinit();
const std::string _name; ///< the name of this pipeline
const std::string _scriptPath; ///< path to the Lua script defining the pipeline
LuaVmState* _luaVmState; ///< Lua VM state used to evaluate the pipeline
std::shared_ptr<LuaTable> _pipelineTable; ///< Pointer to the Lua table associated with the pipeline
......@@ -7,9 +7,45 @@
namespace campvis {
static const size_t _factoryId = PipelineFactory::getRef().registerPipeline<LuaPipeline>([] (DataContainer* dc) -> AbstractPipeline* {
return new campvis::LuaPipeline(CAMPVIS_SOURCE_DIR "/scripting/script.lua", dc);
* PipelineFactory requires each pipeline to be represented by a separate class whose static
* getId method returns a unique identifier. As all Lua pipelines are instance of one class,
* LuaPipeline, and only differ with respect to the script they execute (which is not known at
* compile time), the following adapter class is needed.
* IdentifiableLuaPipeline gets its identifier as a template argument, and is able to return it
* from a static method as a result.
template <const char* id>
class IdentifiableLuaPipeline : public LuaPipeline {
IdentifiableLuaPipeline(const std::string scriptPath, DataContainer* dc) : LuaPipeline(id, scriptPath, dc) {}
static const std::string getId() { return id; }
// ================================================================================================
template<typename T, const char* scriptPath>
class ScriptedPipelineRegistrar {
* Static factory method for creating the pipeline of type T.
* \param dc DataContainer for the created pipeline to work on.
* \return A newly created Lua pipeline of type T. Caller has to take ownership of the pointer.
static AbstractPipeline* create(DataContainer* dc) {
return new T(scriptPath, dc);
/// static helper field to ensure registration at static initialization time.
static const size_t _factoryId;
template<typename T, const char* scriptPath>
const size_t ScriptedPipelineRegistrar<T, scriptPath>::_factoryId =
PipelineFactory::getRef().registerPipeline<T>(&ScriptedPipelineRegistrar<T, scriptPath>::create);
#include "modules/pipelinefactory.h"
#include "luapipeline.h"
......@@ -7,13 +6,10 @@ using namespace campvis;
int main()
PipelineFactory& pipelineFactory = PipelineFactory::getRef();
pipelineFactory.registerPipeline<LuaPipeline>([] (DataContainer* dc) -> AbstractPipeline* {
return new LuaPipeline(CAMPVIS_SOURCE_DIR "/scripting/script.lua", dc);
DataContainer* dc = new DataContainer("Test Data Container");
AbstractPipeline* p = pipelineFactory.createPipeline("LuaPipeline", dc);
AbstractPipeline* p = new LuaPipeline("Test Lua Pipeline",
CAMPVIS_SOURCE_DIR "/modules/preprocessing/pipelines/resamplingdemo.lua", dc);
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