Commit d7513b42 authored by Hossain Mahmud's avatar Hossain Mahmud
Browse files

minor changes, Load File label changed

parent 5e1ab4b9
......@@ -185,8 +185,7 @@ namespace campvis {
QHBoxLayout* _mainLayout; ///< Layout for this widget
QWidget* _infoWidget; ///< Widget showing the information about the selected QtDataHandle
QVBoxLayout* _infoWidgetLayout; ///< Layout for the _infoWidget
//QGridLayout* _infoWidgetLayout; ///< Layout for the _infoWidget
QLabel* _lblName;
QLabel* _lblLocalMemoryFootprint;
QLabel* _lblVideoMemoryFootprint;
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ namespace campvis {
if (! dynamic_cast<DataNameProperty*>(property)) {
_btnLoadFile = new QPushButton(tr("Load File"), this);
_btnLoadFile = new QPushButton(tr("Browse"), this);
connect(_btnLoadFile, SIGNAL(clicked(bool)), this, SLOT(onBtnLoadFileClicked(bool)));
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