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Lua bindings: wrap campvis::VolumeRenderer

In order to reimplement VolumeRendererDemo in Lua
campvis::VolumeRenderer from the vis module has been wrapped using SWIG.

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parent 816fdc50
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
#include "core/pipeline/autoevaluationpipeline.h"
#include "modules/vis/processors/volumeexplorer.h"
#include "modules/vis/processors/volumerenderer.h"
......@@ -21,4 +22,26 @@ namespace campvis {
campvis::DataNameProperty p_outputImage;
* As of version 2.0.12, SWIG still has trouble when a default argument is initialised using the
* `new` keyword. The `default` typemap provides a reasonable workaround.
%typemap(default) campvis::RaycastingProcessor* raycaster {
$1 = new campvis::SimpleRaycaster(0);
class VolumeRenderer : public VisualizationProcessor {
VolumeRenderer(campvis::IVec2Property* viewportSizeProp, campvis::RaycastingProcessor* raycaster);
virtual ~VolumeRenderer();
const std::string getName() const;
campvis::CameraProperty p_camera;
campvis::DataNameProperty p_inputVolume;
campvis::DataNameProperty p_outputImage;
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