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Commit ef39dee4 authored by Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar Christian Schulte zu Berge
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removed getElementXD() and getElementXDNormalized() from core GLSL headers...

removed getElementXD() and getElementXDNormalized() from core GLSL headers since the same functionality is directly provided by GLSL with texture() and texelFetch() in a much cleaner way.
parent 0f093954
......@@ -45,16 +45,16 @@ uniform sampler2D _mirrorRenderedDepth;
uniform TextureParameters2D _mirrorRenderedTexParams;
void main() {
float normalDepth = getElement2DNormalized(_normalDepth, _normalTexParams, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
float mirrorRenderedDepth = getElement2DNormalized(_mirrorRenderedDepth, _mirrorRenderedTexParams, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
float normalDepth = texture(_normalDepth, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
float mirrorRenderedDepth = texture(_mirrorRenderedDepth, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
if (normalDepth <= mirrorRenderedDepth) {
out_Color = getElement2DNormalized(_normalColor, _normalTexParams, ex_TexCoord.xy);
out_Color = texture(_normalColor, ex_TexCoord.xy);
gl_FragDepth = normalDepth;
else {
out_Color = getElement2DNormalized(_mirrorColor, _mirrorTexParams, ex_TexCoord.xy);
gl_FragDepth = getElement2DNormalized(_mirrorDepth, _mirrorTexParams, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
out_Color = texture(_mirrorColor, ex_TexCoord.xy);
gl_FragDepth = texture(_mirrorDepth, ex_TexCoord.xy).r;
if (out_Color.a == 0) {
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