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  1. 23 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  2. 23 Oct, 2014 3 commits
  3. 15 Oct, 2014 3 commits
    • Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar
    • Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar
      Moved AbstractJob and OpenGLJobProcessor from campvis-core to tgt and adapted... · fb8b1880
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      Moved AbstractJob and OpenGLJobProcessor from campvis-core to tgt and adapted and cleaned up all necessary includes/references.
    • Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar
      Started refactoring the CAMPVis OpenGL Wrapping API: · 58512d30
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      The new OpenGL wrapping API allows for full multi-threaded access to OpenGL contexts. Instead of one single thread scheduling all OpenGL jobs for all contexts, the new GlContextManager allows for OpenGL access from multiple threads while ensuring that each OpenGL context is acquired by only one thread at a time.
      Detailed list of changes:
      * tgt::GlContextManager keeping track of which threads acquire which OpenGL contexts and which threads currently have a context acquired.
      * OpenGLJobProcessor does no longer schedules and execute the OpenGL calls for all existing contexts, but only for one single context that can be used for background tasks or other jobs that explicitly need a valid OpenGL context.
      * AbstractPipeline now implements the Runnable interface and thus runs in it's own thread. This thread also owns the pipeline's OpenGL context.
      * AbstractPipeline has a new pure virtual method executePipeline() that has to perform all computations done by the pipeline.
      * AbstractPipeline now takes directly care of calling Painter::paint() of the pipeline's canvas (instead of signalling the Painter). However, the Painter interface needs further cleanup.
      * AutoEvaluationPipeline was adapted to the new AbstractPipeline API, hence executing processors is no longer delegated to the OpenGLJobProcessor or the SimpleJobProcessor but entirely done in AutoEvaluationPipeline::executePipeline() and thus in the pipeline's thread.
      * Adjusted CampVisApplication, DataContainerInspectorWidget, and GeometryTransferFunctionEditor to the new API.
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  7. 11 Mar, 2014 1 commit
  8. 13 Jan, 2014 1 commit
    • Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar
      Fixing commit 5f72759e: · 56724724
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      C++ implicit conversion rules made ShaderManager::loadSeparate() ambiguous in some cases. So I decided to cut loose ends and completely refactored loading with standard version into ShaderManager::load() and loading with custom version into ShaderManager::loadWithCustomGlslVersion().
      ShaderManager::loadSeparate() is no longer available!
  9. 13 Dec, 2013 1 commit
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  15. 21 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • Artur Grunau's avatar
      Fix the redrawing of threaded GL canvases · 5fbb429e
      Artur Grunau authored
      QtThreadedCanvas used to ignore all repaint events send to it by Qt in
      order to avoid problems with threading. As a result, however, it would
      become blank when docked/undocked, and display garbage in those of its
      regions that some other widgets have moved over.
      To fix this, the API of TGT's Painter class had to be slightly modified
      and now mirrors that of Canvas with regard to painting-related
      operations. The paint method has been made protected; it's supposed to
      implement the painting logic and shouldn't be called directly. A public
      repaint method has been introduced to let canvases notify their
      associated painters that they need to be redrawn. The default
      implementation simply calls paint() immediately; threaded painters,
      however, override it to schedule render jobs that run in separate
      All existing threaded painters have been updated to reduce the
      visibility of their paint methods and provide public repaint functions.
      Consequently, QtThreadedCanvas can now properly handle repaint events by
      delegating to its associated painter's repaint method.
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      Tidied up GLSL includes: · 030250bf
      schultezub authored
       * samplerXd.frag is now textureXd.frag
       * TextureParameters is now TextureXd and contains also the handle to the GLSL texture2d.frag
       * simplified getElementXd footprint: now only one texture parameter
       * adapted bind() methods of textures
      git-svn-id: bb408c1c-ae56-11e1-83d9-df6b3e0c105e
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