1. 08 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      Introducing cool debug functionality to sigslot library. · d07ebc73
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      When compiled with CAMPVIS_DEBUG, all signals carry additional information on the calling function, file and line. This is realized transparently through some macro magic when client code emits signals through the new emitSignal() method. Unfortunately, there is no way to debug-overload the operator(), hence, while this way of emitting signals remains valid, it cannot write the debug information into the signal handle.
      To avoid symbol conflicts, _connection_base::emitSignal() and has_slots::emitSignal() had to be renamed to ::processSignal().
      refs #384
    • Christian Schulte zu Berge's avatar
      Adjusting the testing framework to the new sigslot API. · bcbb5fdb
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      Introducing SignalHandlingMode to signal_manager to allow forcing all signals being handled directly (needed for test-campvis) or queued.
      refs #384
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      Merge branch 'itk-segmentation-registration' into 'development' · 84c27e4a
      Christian Schulte zu Berge authored
      Itk Segmentation and Registration: wrappers and demos
      This branch makes use of the ItkReader and currently contains a SegmentationDemo and a RegistrationDemo that use Itk wrappers for segmentation and registration algorithms. It is meant to be a starting point for future Itk segmentation and registration algorithms that are to be wrapped. Commits have been cherry-picked from the mhaimagereader branch.