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    #90 Add formatting and linting using cmake-format · d54fa670
    David Frank authored and Tobias Lasser's avatar Tobias Lasser committed
    The cmakelang package (see https://github.com/cheshirekow/cmake_format)
    provides tools for linting and formatting CMake files. This commit
    provides a basic infrastructure to make use of it.
    First, the necessary formatting style file is added
    ('.cmake-format.py'). For many cases, the CMake files don't fulfill
    these requirements yet, therefore, many linting checks are still
    Second, scripts and CI stages (only for linting) are added, which are
    run alongside clang-format and clang-tidy. Currently, the formatting
    job is not run, as the files are not yet formatted correctly.
    Future MRs should work on slowly reducing the disabled codes.
    Close #90