Commit 0a3741e7 authored by Nikola Dinev's avatar Nikola Dinev Committed by David Frank
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Ignore missing or deleted files during format check

parent 33489ea5
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ if [[ "$master_ahead" -gt "0" ]]; then
echo -e "[${ORANGE}WARNING${NC}]: Not all commits which are part of origin/master are part of your branch, maybe you need to rebase?"
files=($(git diff origin/master --name-only | egrep ".+\.(h|hpp|cpp|cu|cuh)$"))
files=($(git diff origin/master --name-only --diff-filter=d | egrep ".+\.(h|hpp|cpp|cu|cuh)$"))
if (( ${#files[@]} )); then
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