Commit 79b8f158 authored by Nikola Dinev's avatar Nikola Dinev
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Ensure c++17 is used to build the bindings generator

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......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ if (NOT LLVM_FOUND)
add_executable(pybind11_generator Parser.cpp)
# target_compile_features() doesn't set the c++ standard when setting to the compiler default - e.g. -std=c++17 for gcc-11
# this leads to the standard specified by LLVM_CXXFLAGS being erroneously used instead
list(FILTER LLVM_CXXFLAGS EXCLUDE REGEX "-std=c\\+\\+[0-9][0-9]")
target_compile_options(pybind11_generator PUBLIC ${LLVM_CXXFLAGS})
target_compile_features(pybind11_generator PUBLIC cxx_std_17)
target_include_directories(pybind11_generator PUBLIC ${LLVM_INCLUDE_DIR})
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