Commit bbf3e9c8 authored by Jonas Jelten's avatar Jonas Jelten 🥕
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real to complex conversion for datacontainer

parent f474e606
......@@ -246,6 +246,32 @@ namespace elsa
/// return the max of all elements of this signal
data_t maxElement() const;
/// if the datacontainer is already complex, return itself.
template <typename _data_t = data_t>
typename std::enable_if_t<isComplex<_data_t>, DataContainer<_data_t>> asComplex() const
return *this;
/// if the datacontainer is not complex,
/// return a copy and fill in 0 as imaginary values
template <typename _data_t = data_t>
typename std::enable_if_t<not isComplex<_data_t>, DataContainer<std::complex<_data_t>>>
asComplex() const
DataContainer<std::complex<data_t>> ret{
// extend with complex zero value
for (index_t idx = 0; idx < this->getSize(); ++idx) {
ret[idx] = std::complex<data_t>{(*this)[idx], 0};
return ret;
/// compute in-place element-wise addition of another container
DataContainer<data_t>& operator+=(const DataContainer<data_t>& dc);
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