1. 15 Sep, 2021 3 commits
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      Refactor and adapt output format of Timer · 7b977fbd
      David Frank authored
      This patch adds 3 changes:
      - Rely on spdlog::stopwatch instead of the 'raw' standard library clock
      - Change the output format a touch to improve readability
      - Rename of variables to express intent better
      As of version 1.8.0 of spdlog a stopwatch is provided. I thought it
      would be nice to justs rely on that one instead of rolling our own (even
      if it's not that hard).
      The other change is the output format. Instead of printing in the format
      '[Timing] [debug] Execution of <caller>: <fn> took <time>ms', I changed
      it to '[<caller>] [debug] <fn> took <time>s'. So instead of having a
      separate Timing logger, the logger for the class is used. IMO, this
      cleans up the log a touch, as my eyes don't have to search in different
      columns, but it's minor. Also I use the default output format of the
      spdlog::stopwatch, which is in decimal and seconds.
      Also I used the change to rename the variables, as it was just a little
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      add max operation to DataContainer · 921ede92
      Andi Braimllari authored
  5. 28 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      #105 Add slicing capabilities to DataContainer · 52a406b8
      David Frank authored
      Access to a portion of the DataContainer in the form of slices.
      Currently, only slicing in the direction of the last dimension are
      possible, but this should still be useful for many cases.
      The one suprising thing in this implementation, is that the returned
      DataContainer, has a descriptor which is of the same dimension as the
      original DataContainer but with a "thickness" of 1 in the last
      dimension, instead of actually being lower dimensional.
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      Add support to concatenate two DataContainers · 56296a9e
      David Frank authored
      When two DataContainers are concatenated, a new one with a
      RandomBlocksDescriptor is created, with the two original descriptors
      as blocks.
      Currently, only concatenation of containers of equal dimension is
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      Remove noise from Timer in logging output · 81883132
      David Frank authored
      The Timer class now prints timing information only if the Logger is set
      to debug level, instead of info level. This reduces noise in the output.
      The Timing of execution is not necessarily an useful information all the
      An example is the python script introduced in !182, all useful
      information regarding conversion and solvers is shadowed by the Timing
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