Added custom geometry generator

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clang-format Static Test
Please run

find elsa/ -name '*.h' -or -name '*.hpp' -or -name '*.cpp' -or -name '*.cu' -or -name '*.cuh' | xargs clang-format-8 -i -style=file
find benchmarks/ -name '*.h' -or -name '*.hpp' -or -name '*.cpp' -or -name '*.cu' -or -name '*.cuh' | xargs clang-format -i -style=file
find examples/ -name '*.h' -or -name '*.hpp' -or -name '*.cpp' -or -name '*.cu' -or -name '*.cuh' | xargs clang-format -i -style=file

to solve the issue.
HEAD is now at 5daf006 Added custom geometry generator
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