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- parse.Parser.__call__: use local variables instead of attribute access in...

- parse.Parser.__call__: use local variables instead of attribute access in some cases for better performance
parent 7399094c
......@@ -273,18 +273,21 @@ class Parser:
# if location has already been visited by the current parser,
# return saved result
if location in self.visited:
visited = self.visited # using local variable for better performance
if location in visited:
# no history recording in case of memoized results
return self.visited[location]
return visited[location]
# break left recursion at the maximum allowed depth
if grammar.left_recursion_depth__:
if self.recursion_counter[location] > grammar.left_recursion_depth__:
left_recursion_depth__ = grammar.left_recursion_depth__
if left_recursion_depth__:
if self.recursion_counter[location] > left_recursion_depth__:
return None, text
self.recursion_counter[location] += 1
if grammar.history_tracking__:
history_tracking__ = grammar.history_tracking__
if history_tracking__:
grammar.call_stack__.append(self.repr if self.tag_name in
(':RegExp', ':Token', ':DropToken')
else self.tag_name)
......@@ -326,15 +329,15 @@ class Parser:
raise ParserError(Node(self.tag_name, result).with_pos(location),
text, first_throw=False)
if grammar.left_recursion_depth__:
if left_recursion_depth__:
self.recursion_counter[location] -= 1
# don't clear recursion_locations__ !!!
if node is None:
# retrieve an earlier match result (from left recursion) if it exists
if location in grammar.recursion_locations__:
if location in self.visited:
node, rest = self.visited[location]
if location in visited:
node, rest = visited[location]
if location != grammar.last_recursion_location__:
node, Error("Left recursion encountered. "
......@@ -346,7 +349,7 @@ class Parser:
# and don't add empty entries for parsers returning from left recursive calls!
elif grammar.memoization__:
# otherwise also cache None-results
self.visited[location] = (None, rest)
visited[location] = (None, rest)
# assert node._pos < 0 or node == EMPTY_NODE
node._pos = location
......@@ -359,11 +362,11 @@ class Parser:
# - in case of left recursion, the first recursive step that
# matches will store its result in the cache
# TODO: need a unit-test concerning interference of variable manipulation and left recursion algorithm?
self.visited[location] = (node, rest)
visited[location] = (node, rest)
# Mind that memoized parser calls will not appear in the history record!
# Does this make sense? Or should it be changed?
if grammar.history_tracking__:
if history_tracking__:
# don't track returning parsers except in case an error has occurred
# remaining = len(rest)
if grammar.moving_forward__:
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ class TestServer:
reader, writer = await asyncio.open_connection('', 8888)
data = await
# print(f'Received: {data.decode()!r}')
print(f'Received: {data.decode()!r}')
writer.close()'Test', ''))
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