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Commit 0a443e16 authored by Eckhart Arnold's avatar Eckhart Arnold
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refactoring gen_search_rule() finished, not yet fully tested

parent 65034de1
......@@ -2543,6 +2543,11 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
the set of symbols that are referred to in the definition
of a particular symbol.
:ivar referred_by_directive: A set of symbols which are directly
referred to in a directive. It does not matter whether
these symbals are reachable (i.e. directly oder indirectly
referred to) from the root-symbol.
:ivar symbols: A mapping of symbol names to their usages (not
their definition!) in the EBNF source.
......@@ -2658,6 +2663,7 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
self.rules = OrderedDict() # type: OrderedDict[str, List[Node]]
self.referred_symbols_cache = dict() # type: Dict[str, FrozenSet[str]]
self.directly_referred_cache = dict() # type: Dict[str, FrozenSet[str]]
self.referred_by_directive = set() # type: Set[str]
self.current_symbols = [] # type: List[Node]
self.cache_literal_symbols = None # type: Optional[Dict[str, str]]
self.symbols = {} # type: Dict[str, List[Node]]
......@@ -2826,13 +2832,12 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
return value
def gen_search_rule(self, symbol: str, nd: Node, kind: str) -> ReprType:
def gen_search_rule(self, node: Node, nd: Node, kind: str) -> ReprType:
"""Generates a search rule, which can be either a string for simple
string search or a regular expression from the node's content. Returns
an empty string in case the node is neither regexp nor literal.
:param symbol: The symbol of the parser to which the definition of the
search rule is related
:param node: The node of the directive
:param nd: The node containing the AST of the search rule
:param kind: The kind of the search rule, which must be one of
"resume", "skip", "error"
......@@ -2850,17 +2855,25 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
elif nd.tag_name == 'procedure':
return unrepr(nd.content)
elif nd.tag_name == 'symbol':
return unrepr(symbol)
referred_symbol = nd.content.strip()
return unrepr(referred_symbol)
pass # Add artificial symbol here!
# in case of an arbitrary expression do the following:
# 1. Create an artificial symbol "xxx_resume_1__ = ..." and postpone compilation
# 2. Return the name of that symbol
# 3. Compile when or just be assembling Python source code
return ''
# self.tree.new_error(nd, 'Only regular expressions, string literals and external '
# 'procedures are allowed as search rules, but not: ' + nd.tag_name)
# return unrepr('')
symbol = node[0].content.split('_')[0]
stub = f"{symbol}_{kind}_"
L = len(stub)
nr = 1
for rule in self.rules.keys():
if rule[:L] == stub:
i = int(rule[L:].strip('_'))
if i > nr: nr = i + 1
rule = stub + str(nr) + '__'
self.current_symbols = [node]
self.rules[rule] = self.current_symbols
defn = self.compile(nd)
assert defn.find("(") >= 0 # synonyms impossible here
self.definitions[rule] = defn
return unrepr(rule)
def directly_referred(self, symbol: str) -> FrozenSet[str]:
......@@ -3164,6 +3177,9 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
for symbol in self.referred_by_directive:
if symbol in defined_symbols:
for leftover in defined_symbols:
'Rule "%s" is not connected to parser root "%s" !' %
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