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- refactoring of node finished: Nodes do not refer to parsers but only to parser-tag names now

parent 5eb732ac
......@@ -769,6 +769,8 @@ class Grammar:
return self[key]
raise UnknownParserError('Unknown parser "%s" !' % key)
def __contains__(self, key):
return key in self.__dict__ or hasattr(self, key)
def _reset__(self):
self.tree__ = RootNode() # type: RootNode
......@@ -889,12 +891,14 @@ class Grammar:
# Check if a Lookahead-Parser did match. Needed for testing, because
# in a test case this is not necessarily an error.
last_record = self.history__[-2] if len(self.history__) > 1 else None # type: Optional[HistoryRecord]
if last_record and parser != self.root__ \
and last_record.status == HistoryRecord.MATCH \
and last_record.node.pos \
+ len(last_record.node) >= len(self.document__) \
and any(isinstance(parser, Lookahead)
for parser in last_record.call_stack):
and any(tn in self and isinstance(self[tn], Lookahead)
or tn[0] == ':' and issubclass(eval(tn[1:]), Lookahead)
for tn in last_record.call_stack):
error_msg = 'Parser did not match except for lookahead! ' + err_info
......@@ -308,29 +308,34 @@ def grammar_unit(test_unit, parser_factory, transformer_factory, report=True, ve
parser = parser_factory()
transform = transformer_factory()
with_lookahead = set() # type: Set[Parser]
visited = set() # type: Set[Parser]
is_lookahead = set() # type: Dict[str] # Dictionary of parser names
with_lookahead = set() # type: Set[Parser]
visited = set() # type: Set[Parser]
def find_lookahead(p: Parser):
"""Raises a StopIterationError if parser `p` is or contains
a Lookahead-parser."""
nonlocal with_lookahead, visited
if p in with_lookahead or isinstance(p, Lookahead):
nonlocal is_lookahead, with_lookahead, visited
if p in visited:
raise StopIteration
if isinstance(p, Lookahead):
def has_lookahead(parser_name: str):
"""Returns `True`, if given parser is or contains a Lookahead-parser."""
nonlocal with_lookahead, visited, parser
nonlocal is_lookahead, with_lookahead, visited, parser
p = parser[parser_name]
num_lookaheads = len(is_lookahead)
if p in with_lookahead:
return True
visited = set()
except StopIteration:
for vp in visited:
if len(is_lookahead) > num_lookaheads:
return True
return False
......@@ -342,14 +347,14 @@ def grammar_unit(test_unit, parser_factory, transformer_factory, report=True, ve
This is required for testing of parsers that put a lookahead
operator at the end. See test_testing.TestLookahead.
nonlocal is_lookahead
return ((len(raw_errors) == 2 # case 1: superfluous data for lookahead
and raw_errors[-1].code == Error.PARSER_LOOKAHEAD_MATCH_ONLY
and raw_errors[-2].code == Error.PARSER_STOPPED_BEFORE_END)
# case 2: mandatory lookahead failure at end of text
or (len(raw_errors) == 1
and raw_errors[-1].code == Error.MANDATORY_CONTINUATION_AT_EOF)
and any(isinstance(p, Lookahead)
for p in parser.history__[-1].call_stack)) # TODO: Refactor this clause!!!
and any(tn in is_lookahead for tn in parser.history__[-1].call_stack))
for parser_name, tests in test_unit.items():
assert parser_name, "Missing parser name in test %s!" % unit_name
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ sys.path.extend(['../', './'])
def run_doctests(module):
namespace = {}
print('DOCTEST ' + module)
exec('import DHParser.' + module, namespace)
mod = getattr(namespace['DHParser'], module)
result = doctest.testmod(mod)
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