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Commit 1e0e6d25 authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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comments added to syntaxtree.RootNode

parent 2d813a0a
......@@ -713,30 +713,17 @@ class RootNode(Node):
if node is not None:
# def _propagate_errors(self):
# if not self.all_errors or not self.error_propagation:
# return
# self.all_errors.sort(key=lambda e: e.pos)
# i = 0
# for leaf in nd: not nd.children, False):
# leaf.errors = []
# while i < len(self.all_errors) \
# and leaf.pos <= self.all_errors[i].add_pos < leaf.add_pos + leaf.len:
# leaf._errors.append(self.all_errors[i])
# i += 1
# if i >= len(self.all_errors):
# break
# def _propagate_new_error(self, error):
# if self.error_propagation:
# for leaf in nd: not nd.children, True):
# if leaf.pos <= error.add_pos < leaf.add_pos + leaf.len:
# leaf._errors.append(error)
# break
# else:
# assert False, "Error %s at pos %i out of bounds" % (str(error), error.add_pos)
def swallow(self, node: Node) -> 'RootNode':
"""Put `self` in the place of `node` by copying all its data.
Returns self.
This is done by the parse.Grammar object after
parsing has finished, so that the Grammar object always
returns a syntax tree rooted in a RootNode object.
It is possible to add errors to a RootNode object, before it
has actually swallowed the root of the syntax tree.
self._result = node._result
self.children = node.children
self._len = node._len
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