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......@@ -387,6 +387,22 @@ only occur in a string at the beginning and at the
end as nodes containing the quotation mark-delimiters
of that string.
To give an expression how AST-transformation-tables
may look like, here is an excerpt from DHParser's
own transformation table to derive a lean AST from
the concrete syntax-tree of an EBNF grammar::
EBNF_AST_transformation_table = {
# AST Transformations for EBNF-grammar
"syntax": [],
"directive": [flatten, remove_tokens('@', '=', ',')],
"definition": [flatten, remove_tokens('=')]
"expression": [replace_by_single_child, flatten,
"sequence": [replace_by_single_child, flatten],
The :py:mod:`transform`-module
contains a number of useful transformation-rules
that can be combined almost arbitrarily in order
......@@ -396,7 +412,7 @@ grammar is well-designed and if the
concrete syntax tree has already been simplified
with the help of DHParser's ``@disposable``-,
``@reduction``- and ``@drop``-directives, only
transformations should be necessary to produce
few transformations should be necessary to produce
the abstract syntax-tree.
In specific application cases it is often desirable
......@@ -411,12 +427,12 @@ easy, though, to this into an application-specific
tree of objects of different classes.
Test-driven grammars
Test-driven grammar development
Debugging parsers
Fail-tolerant parsing
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