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Commit 3ac74ef1 authored by di68kap's avatar di68kap
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- Korrekturen:

parent 7aad87a8
......@@ -430,7 +430,9 @@ class Node(
def content(self) -> str:
Returns content as string, omitting error messages.
Returns content as string, omitting error messages. If the node has
child-nodes, the string content of the child-nodes is recursively read
and then concatenated.
if self._content is None:
if self.children:
......@@ -442,6 +444,11 @@ class Node(
return self._content
def content(self, content: str):
self.result = content
def structure(self) -> str:
......@@ -184,6 +184,14 @@ def unit_from_file(filename):
# Check for ambiguous Test names
errors = []
for parser_name, tests in test_unit.items():
# normalize case for test category names
keys = list(tests.keys())
for key in keys:
new_key = key.lower()
if new_key != key:
tests[new_key] = tests[keys]
del tests[keys]
m_names = set(tests.get('match', dict()).keys())
f_names = set(tests.get('fail', dict()).keys())
intersection = list(m_names & f_names)
......@@ -265,6 +273,21 @@ def grammar_unit(test_unit, parser_factory, transformer_factory, report=True, ve
Unit tests for a grammar-parser and ast transformations.
def clean_key(k):
return k.replace('*', '')
except AttributeError:
return k
def get(tests, category, key):
value = tests[category][key] if key in tests[category] \
else tests[category][clean_key(key)]
except KeyError:
raise AssertionError('%s-test %s for parser %s missing !?'
% (category, test_name, parser_name))
return value
if isinstance(test_unit, str):
_, unit_name = os.path.split(os.path.splitext(test_unit)[0])
test_unit = unit_from_file(test_unit)
......@@ -289,12 +312,12 @@ def grammar_unit(test_unit, parser_factory, transformer_factory, report=True, ve
match_tests = set(tests['match'].keys()) if 'match' in tests else set()
if 'ast' in tests:
ast_tests = set(tests['ast'].keys())
if not ast_tests <= match_tests:
raise AssertionError('AST-Tests %s lack corresponding match-tests!'
% str(ast_tests - match_tests))
if not {clean_key(k) for k in ast_tests} <= {clean_key(k) for k in match_tests}:
raise AssertionError('AST-Tests %s for parser %s lack corresponding match-tests!'
% (str(ast_tests - match_tests), parser_name))
if 'cst' in tests:
cst_tests = set(tests['cst'].keys())
if not cst_tests <= match_tests:
if not {clean_key(k) for k in cst_tests} <= {clean_key(k) for k in match_tests}:
raise AssertionError('CST-Tests %s lack corresponding match-tests!'
% str(cst_tests - match_tests))
......@@ -321,25 +344,23 @@ def grammar_unit(test_unit, parser_factory, transformer_factory, report=True, ve
errata.append('Match test "%s" for parser "%s" failed:\n\tExpr.: %s\n\n\t%s\n\n' %
(test_name, parser_name, '\n\t'.join(test_code.split('\n')),
'\n\t'.join(str(m).replace('\n', '\n\t\t') for m in errors)))
tests.setdefault('__err__', {})[test_name] = errata[-1]
# tests.setdefault('__err__', {})[test_name] = errata[-1]
# write parsing-history log only in case of failure!
if is_logging():
log_parsing_history(parser, "match_%s_%s.log" % (parser_name, clean_test_name))
elif "cst" in tests and parse_sxpr(tests["cst"][test_name]) != cst:
elif "cst" in tests and parse_sxpr(get(tests, "cst", test_name)) != cst:
errata.append('Concrete syntax tree test "%s" for parser "%s" failed:\n%s' %
(test_name, parser_name, cst.as_sxpr()))
elif "ast" in tests:
compare = parse_sxpr(tests["ast"][test_name])
except KeyError:
compare = parse_sxpr(get(tests, "ast", test_name))
if compare != ast:
errata.append('Abstract syntax tree test "%s" for parser "%s" failed:'
'\n\tExpr.: %s\n\tExpected: %s\n\tReceived: %s'
% (test_name, parser_name, '\n\t'.join(test_code.split('\n')),
tests.setdefault('__err__', {})[test_name] = errata[-1]
if errata:
tests.setdefault('__err__', {})[test_name] = errata[-1]
if verbose:
print(infostr + ("OK" if len(errata) == errflag else "FAIL"))
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