Commit 6273fcad authored by Eckhart Arnold's avatar Eckhart Arnold
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- Überführung der alten Beispiele in das neue Autorennamenschema

parent 39979300
......@@ -161,7 +161,9 @@ def transformation_factory(t1=None, t2=None, t3=None, t4=None, t5=None):
if issubclass(List[Node], t):
raise TypeError("Sequence type %s not permitted\nin transformation_factory "
"decorator, because it could be mistaken for a base class "
"of List[Node].\nTry 'tuple' instead!" % str(t))
"of List[Node]\nwhich is the type of the canonical first "
"argument of transformation functions. Try 'tuple' instead!"
% str(t))
return t
def decorator(f):
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