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Module Reference
At the core of DHParser lies a parser generator for parsing expression grammars.
As a parser generator it offers similar functionality as pyparsing_ or lark_.
But it goes far beyond a mere parser generator by offering rich support of
the testing an debugging of grammars, tree-processing (always needed in the
XML-prone Digital Humanities ;-) ), fail-tolerant grammars and some
(as of now, experimental) support for editing via the
`language server protocol`_.
DHParser is both suitable for small projects or "on the fly" use of parsing
expression grammar as a more powerful substitute for regular expressions and
for big projects. (The workflow for the latter is described in the `Step by
Step Guide`_.) The usage and API of DHParser is (or will be) described
with many examples in the doctrings of its various modules. The following
reading-order is recommended to understand DHParser:
1. `` - Although DHParser also offers a Python-interface for specifying
grammers (similar to pyparsing_), the recommended way of using DHParser
is by specifying the grammar in EBNF_. Here it is described how grammars
are specified in EBNF_ and how parsers can be auto-generated from these
grammars and how they are used to parse text.
2. `` - Syntax-trees are the central data-structure of any
parsing system. The description to this modules explains how syntax-trees
are represented within DHParser, how they can be manipulated, queried
and serialized or deserialized as XML, S-expressions or json.
3. `` - It is not untypical for digital humanities applications
that document tress are transformed again and again to produce different
representations of research data or various output forms. DHParser
supplies the scaffolding for two different types of tree transformations,
both of which a variations of the visitor pattern. The scaffolding supplied
by the transform-module
.. _pyparsing:
.. _lark:
.. _`language server protocol`:
.. _EBNF:
.. _`Step by Step Guide`: StepByStepGuide.rst
DHParser is split into a number of modules plus one command line utility
(````, which will not be described here.)
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