Commit 65034de1 authored by Eckhart Arnold's avatar Eckhart Arnold
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refactoring gen_search_rule() part 3

parent 5fd3a9ef
......@@ -3062,23 +3062,17 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
# prepare and add resume-rules
resume_rules = dict() # type: Dict[str, List[ReprType]]
for symbol, rules in self.directives.resume.items():
if self.directives.resume:
definitions.insert(0, pp_rules(self.RESUME_RULES_KEYWORD, self.directives.resume))
for symbol in self.directives.resume.keys():
verify_directive_against_symbol(symbol + '_resume', symbol)
resume_rules[symbol] = rules
if resume_rules:
definitions.insert(0, pp_rules(self.RESUME_RULES_KEYWORD, resume_rules))
# prepare and add skip-rules
skip_rules = dict() # # type: Dict[str, List[ReprType]]
for symbol, skip in self.directives.skip.items():
verify_directive_against_symbol(symbol + '_skip', symbol)
skip_rules[symbol] = skip
if skip_rules:
definitions.insert(0, pp_rules(self.SKIP_RULES_KEYWORD, skip_rules))
if self.directives.skip:
definitions.insert(0, pp_rules(self.SKIP_RULES_KEYWORD, self.directives.skip))
for symbol in self.directives.skip.keys():
verify_directive_against_symbol(symbol + '_skip', symbol)
if symbol not in self.consumed_skip_rules:
# check for indirectly reachable unconsumed mandatory markers
for s in self.referred_symbols(symbol):
......@@ -3099,14 +3093,11 @@ class EBNFCompiler(Compiler):
# prepare and add customized error-messages
error_messages = dict() # type: Dict[str, List[Tuple[ReprType, ReprType]]]
for symbol, err_msgs in self.directives.error.items():
verify_directive_against_symbol(symbol + '_error', symbol)
error_messages[symbol] = err_msgs
if error_messages:
definitions.append(pp_rules(self.ERR_MSGS_KEYWORD, error_messages))
if self.directives.error:
definitions.append(pp_rules(self.ERR_MSGS_KEYWORD, self.directives.error))
for symbol in self.directives.error.keys():
verify_directive_against_symbol(symbol + '_error', symbol)
if symbol in self.rules and symbol not in self.consumed_custom_errors:
# try:
def_node = self.rules[symbol][0]
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