Commit 65add5a5 authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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""@ Bedeutungsangabe_resume" im MLW.ebnf korrigiert

parent f1c96938
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ from DHParser.syntaxtree import ChildrenType, Node, RootNode, WHITESPACE_PTYPE,
from DHParser.toolkit import sane_parser_name, escape_control_characters, re, cython, \
abbreviate_middle, RX_NEVER_MATCH, RxPatternType, linebreaks, line_col
__all__ = ('ParserError',
......@@ -457,7 +458,8 @@ class Parser:
except ParserError as pe:
# catching up with parsing after an error occurred
gap = len(text) - len(
rules = grammar.resume_rules__.get(self.pname, [])
rules = grammar.resume_rules__.get(
self.pname or grammar.associated_symbol(self).pname, [])
rest =[len(pe.node):]
i = reentry_point(rest, rules, grammar.comment_rx__,
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