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......@@ -75,12 +75,25 @@ development or just using DHParser.
DHParser is still in an early development stage. While it is definitaly
usable, features may be dropped or added without notice and class or
function names changed in future versions. The API is NOT YET STABLE!
Use it for testing an evaluation, but not in an production environment
or contact me first, if you intend to do so.
DHParser is still in development stage. While it is already quite mature,
there may still be changes to the API.
* _Python-based_ parser-generator for context free grammars that is very easy
to use and set up.
* Specific focus on _XML-workflows_ as these are the most common in the digital
humanities. Other output formats are of course also possible. (For example,
DHParser is self-hosting and uses Python-Code as output format.)
* Supports *unit-testing of grammars* and piecewise step-by-step development
as well as debugging of grammars.
* *Customizable parsing errors and error recovery* to make it easy to locate
parsing errors at the right spot and deliver them with a meaningful error
message for users that do not habitually deal with formal notations!
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