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Commit 70b905aa authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- some typos corrected

parent 8f1a6bb3
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ code or, as in the case of DHParser's EBNF-compiler, Python
source code.
Function ``compile_source`` invokes all stages of the compilation
process, i.e. preprocessing, parsing, CST to AST-transformation
process, i.e. pre-processing, parsing, CST to AST-transformation
and compilation.
See module ``ebnf`` for a sample of the implementation of a
......@@ -862,10 +862,11 @@ class PlainText(Parser):
Parses plain text strings. (Could be done by RegExp as well, but is faster.)
>>> while_token = PlainText("while")
>>> Grammar(while_token)("while").content
>>> while_token = PlainText("while")
>>> Grammar(while_token)("while").content
def __init__(self, text: str, name: str = '') -> None:
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
Module ``syntaxtree`` defines the ``Node``-class for syntax trees as well
as an abstract base class for parser-objects. The latter is defined
here, becuase node-objects refer to parser-objects. All concrete
here, because node-objects refer to parser-objects. All concrete
parser classes are defined in the ``parse`` module.
......@@ -25,14 +25,14 @@ Challenges:
2. ...but discarded or discardable nodes are not the same as a not matching parser.
Possible solution would be to introduce a dummy/zombie-Node that will be discarded
by the calling Parser, i.e. Zero or More, Series etc.
by the calling Parser, i.e. ZeroOrMore, Series etc.
3. Two kinds of conditions for dis
3. Two kinds of conditions for discarding...?
4. Capture/Retrieve/Pop - need the parsed data even if the node would otherwise
be discardable (Example: Variable Delimiters.) So, either:
a. temporarily suspend discarding by gramma-object-flag set and cleared by
a. temporarily suspend discarding by Grammar-object-flag set and cleared by
Capture/Retrieve/Pop. Means yet another flag has to be checked every time
the decision to discard or not needs to be taken...
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