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- CHANGES.txt updated

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......@@ -3,6 +3,16 @@ DHParser Version 0.8.6 (date ?)
- default configuration now centralized in DHParser/
- dropped python 3.4 support
- infinite loops in ZeroOrMore, OneOrMore and the like will now simply
be broken rather than reported as an error
- better parser-optimization, i.e. flattening and dropping of irrelevant
nodes while parsing already.
- no caching of node.content any more, because this was conceptually
unsound. Trees are refactored and nodes dropped all the time which
would require invalidating the cache, which would be hard to implement.
- mini-framework for static grammar analysis added (see parse.Grammar).
As of now: no use case
DHParser Version 0.8.5 (10.2.2019)
......@@ -1085,7 +1085,7 @@ class Grammar:
def visit_parser(parser: Parser) -> None:
nonlocal error_list
# self.root_parser__.apply(visit_parser) # disabled, because no use case as of now
return error_list
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