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Commit 99792e58 authored by di68kap's avatar di68kap
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- french quotation marks for quotes source text in parser error messages

parent cbf03f82
......@@ -1658,12 +1658,12 @@ def mandatory_violation(grammar: Grammar,
msg = message.format(expected, found)
except (ValueError, KeyError, IndexError) as e:
error = Error("Malformed error format string '{}' lead to '{}'"
error = Error("Malformed error format string »{}« leads to »{}«"
.format(message, str(e)),
grammar.tree__.add_error(err_node, error)
msg = '%s expected, "%s" found!' % (expected, found)
msg = '%s expected, »%s« found!' % (expected, found)
error = Error(msg, location, Error.MANDATORY_CONTINUATION_AT_EOF
if (failed_on_lookahead and not text_) else Error.MANDATORY_CONTINUATION)
grammar.tree__.add_error(err_node, error)
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