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DHParser: bessere Fehlermeldungen bei der statischen Analyse

parent 7e48e13b
......@@ -299,6 +299,11 @@ class Parser:
_grammar: A reference to the Grammar object to which the parser
is attached.
_symbol: The name of the closest named parser to which this
parser is connected in a grammar. If pname is not the
empty string, this will become the same as pname, when
the property `symbol` is read for the first time.
def __init__(self) -> None:
......@@ -315,6 +320,7 @@ class Parser:
self._grammar = GRAMMAR_PLACEHOLDER # type: Grammar
except NameError:
self._symbol = '' # type: str
def __deepcopy__(self, memo):
......@@ -340,6 +346,14 @@ class Parser:
the parser class with an added leading colon ':'. """
return ':' + self.__class__.__name__
def symbol(self) -> str:
"""Returns the symbol with which the parser is associated in a grammar.
This is the closest parser with a pname that contains this parser."""
if not self._symbol:
self._symbol = self.grammar.associated_symbol(self).pname
return self._symbol
def repr(self) -> str:
"""Returns the parser's name if it has a name and self.__repr___() otherwise."""
......@@ -637,7 +651,7 @@ class Parser:
return self._apply(func, positive_flip)
def static_error(self, msg: str, code: ErrorCode) -> 'AnalysisError':
return (self.pname, self, Error(msg, 0, code))
return (self.symbol, self, Error(msg, 0, code))
def static_analysis(self) -> Optional[List['AnalysisError']]:
"""Analyses the parser for logical errors after the grammar has been
......@@ -1405,6 +1419,33 @@ class Grammar:
return '\n'.join(ebnf)
def associated_symbol(self, parser: Parser) -> Optional[Parser]:
r"""Returns the closest named parser that contains `parser`.
If `parser` is a named parser itself, `parser` is returned.
If `parser` is not connected to any symbol in the Grammar,
`None` is returned.
>>> i = RegExp(r'\w+')
>>> word = Series(i, Whitespace(r'\s*'))
>>> word.pname = 'word'
>>> gr = Grammar(word)
>>> gr.associated_symbol(i).pname
symbol = None # type: Optional[Parser]
def find_symbol_for_parser(p: Parser) -> Optional[bool]:
nonlocal symbol
if p.pname:
symbol = p
return parser in p.sub_parsers()
if parser.pname:
return parser
return symbol
def static_analysis(self) -> List[AnalysisError]:
Checks the parser tree statically for possible errors.
......@@ -1418,7 +1459,7 @@ class Grammar:
error_list = [] # type: List[AnalysisError]
def visit_parser(parser: Parser) -> None:
def visit_parser(parser: Parser) -> Optional[bool]:
nonlocal error_list
errors = parser.static_analysis()
if errors is not None:
......@@ -1768,6 +1809,12 @@ class UnaryParser(MetaParser):
def sub_parsers(self) -> Tuple['Parser', ...]:
return (self.parser,)
def location_info(self) -> str:
"""Returns a description of the location of the parser within the grammar
for the purpose of transparent erorr reporting."""
return "%s: %s%s(%s%s)" % (self.symbol, self.pname or '_', self.ptype,
self.parser.pname or '_', self.parser.ptype)
class NaryParser(MetaParser):
......@@ -1802,6 +1849,11 @@ class NaryParser(MetaParser):
% (self.pname, self.ptype, str(self)), Error.NARY_WITHOUT_PARSERS)]
return None
def location_info(self) -> str:
"""Returns a description of the location of the parser within the grammar
for the purpose of transparent erorr reporting."""
return "%s: %s%s = %s'" % (self.symbol, self.pname or '_', self.ptype, str(self))
class Option(UnaryParser):
......@@ -1833,9 +1885,6 @@ class Option(UnaryParser):
def __init__(self, parser: Parser) -> None:
super(Option, self).__init__(parser)
# assert isinstance(parser, Parser)
assert not parser.is_optional(), \
"Redundant nesting of options: %s(%s)" % (self.ptype, parser.pname)
def _parse(self, text: StringView) -> Tuple[Optional[Node], StringView]:
node, text = self.parser(text)
......@@ -1848,6 +1897,15 @@ class Option(UnaryParser):
return '[' + (self.parser.repr[1:-1] if isinstance(self.parser, Alternative)
and not self.parser.pname else self.parser.repr) + ']'
def static_analysis(self) -> Optional[List['AnalysisError']]:
# assert not self.parser.is_optional(), \
# "Redundant nesting of options: %s(%s)" % (self.ptype, self.parser.pname)
if self.parser.is_optional():
return [self.static_error(
"Nesting of optional parser is not allowed in " + self.location_info(),
return None
class ZeroOrMore(Option):
......@@ -1951,9 +2009,8 @@ class OneOrMore(UnaryParser):
def static_analysis(self) -> Optional[List[AnalysisError]]:
if self.parser.is_optional():
return [self.static_error(
"Use ZeroOrMore instead of nesting OneOrMore with an optional parser: " \
"%s:%s(%s:%s)" % (self.ptype, self.pname, self.parser.ptype, self.parser.pname),
"Use ZeroOrMore instead of nesting OneOrMore with an optional parser in " \
+ self.location_info(), Error.BADLY_NESTED_OPTIONAL_PARSER)]
return None
......@@ -2098,8 +2155,8 @@ class MandatoryNary(NaryParser):
msg.append('Illegal value %i for mandatory-parameter in a parser with %i elements!'
% (self.mandatory, length))
if msg:
msg.insert(0, 'Illegal configuration of mandatory Nary-parser %s:%s = %s'
% (self.pname, self.ptype, str(self)))
msg.insert(0, 'Illegal configuration of mandatory Nary-parser '
+ self.location_info())
return[self.static_error('\n'.join(msg), Error.BAD_MANDATORY_SETUP)]
return None
......@@ -2275,11 +2332,11 @@ class Alternative(NaryParser):
errors = super().static_analysis() or []
if len(set(self.parsers)) != len(self.parsers):
'Duplicate parsers in %s:%s = %s' % (self.pname, self.ptype, str(self)),
'Duplicate parsers in ' + self.location_info(),
if not all(not p.is_optional() for p in self.parsers[:-1]):
"Parser-specification Error in %s:%s = %s: " % (self.pname, self.ptype, str(self))
"Parser-specification Error in " + self.location_info()
+ "\nOnly the very last alternative may be optional! \nOtherwise, "
"alternatives after the first optional alternative will never be parsed.",
......@@ -2432,7 +2489,7 @@ class Interleave(MandatoryNary):
for parser in self.parsers):
return [self.static_error(
"Flow-operators and optional parsers are neither allowed nor needed inside "
"of interleave-parser %s:%s = %s !" % (self.ptype, self.pname, str(self)),
"of interleave-parser " + self.location_info(),
return None
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