Commit ac43cdc4 authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- Python 3.7. compatible, but does not work with older versions any more

parent 7633c0f6
......@@ -151,7 +151,24 @@ def transformation_factory(t1=None, t2=None, t3=None, t4=None, t5=None):
def issubtype(sub_type, base_type):
return base_type in inspect.getmro(sub_type)
# Because of changes in thy typing system, the following doesn't
# work any more in Python 3.7:
# return base_type in inspect.getmro(subtype)
# Therefore it has all gotten a bit more complicated...
base_type = base_type.__origin__
except AttributeError:
mro = inspect.getmro(sub_type)
except AttributeError:
mro = []
for t in sub_type.__mro_entries__([sub_type]):
print(" " if base_type in mro else "!", base_type, sub_type, mro)
return base_type in mro
def isgenerictype(t):
return str(t).endswith(']')
......@@ -191,14 +208,13 @@ def transformation_factory(t1=None, t2=None, t3=None, t4=None, t5=None):
t1 = type_guard(p1type)
elif issubtype(p1type, type_guard(t1)):
if len(params) == 1 and issubclass(p1type, Container) \
if len(params) == 1 and issubtype(p1type, Container) \
and not (issubtype(p1type, Text) or issubtype(p1type, ByteString)):
def gen_special(*args):
c = set(args) if issubtype(p1type, AbstractSet) else \
tuple(args) if issubtype(p1type, Sequence) else args
d = {params[0].name: c}
return partial(f, **d)
f.register(type_guard(p1type.__args__[0]), gen_special)
except AttributeError:
pass # Union Type does not allow subclassing, but is not needed here
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