Commit b689adbe authored by Eckhart Arnold's avatar Eckhart Arnold
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mandatory violation errors now always report the name of the affected parser

parent e62e445a
......@@ -2660,10 +2660,10 @@ class MandatoryNary(NaryParser):
msg = '%s expected by parser %s, »%s« found!' \
% (expected, repr(sym), found)
farthest_failure = grammar.farthest_failure__
error = Error(msg, max(location, grammar.farthest_failure__),
error = Error(msg, location,
MANDATORY_CONTINUATION_AT_EOF if (failed_on_lookahead and not text_)
length = max(self.grammar.farthest_failure__ - location, 1))
grammar.tree__.add_error(err_node, error)
if reloc >= 0:
# signal error to tracer directly, because this error is not raised!
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