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Commit b86d83df authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- DHParser/ clean-ups and mor doc for mandatory_violation()

parent 74c1a803
......@@ -336,7 +336,6 @@ class Parser:
if location in grammar.recursion_locations__:
if location in self.visited:
node, rest = self.visited[location]
# TODO: maybe add a warning about occurrence of left-recursion here?
if location != grammar.last_recursion_location__:
grammar.tree__.add_error(node, Error("Left recursion encountered. "
"Refactor grammar to avoid slow parsing.",
......@@ -431,11 +430,6 @@ class Parser:
except NameError: # Cython: No access to GRAMMA_PLACEHOLDER, yet :-(
self._grammar = grammar
# def _grammar_assigned_notifier(self):
# """A function that notifies the parser object that it has been
# assigned to a grammar."""
# pass
def _apply(self, func: ApplyFunc, flip: FlagFunc) -> bool:
Applies function `func(parser)` recursively to this parser and all
......@@ -595,7 +589,7 @@ class Grammar:
whitespace and comments that should be overwritten, if the defaults
(no comments, horizontal right aligned whitespace) don't fit:
Class Attributes:
root__: The root parser of the grammar. Theoretically, all parsers of the
grammar should be reachable by the root parser. However, for testing
of yet incomplete grammars class Grammar does not assume that this
......@@ -615,7 +609,7 @@ class Grammar:
take the python src of the concrete grammar class
(see `dsl.grammar_provider`).
Instance Attributes:
all_parsers__: A set of all parsers connected to this grammar object
start_parser__: During parsing, the parser with which the parsing process
......@@ -1130,10 +1124,8 @@ class Token(Parser):
class DropToken(Token):
EXPERIMENTAL AND UNTESTED! Violates the invariant: str(parse(text)) == text
Parses play text string, but returns EMPTY_NODE rather than the parsed
string on a match.
string on a match. Violates the invariant: str(parse(text)) == text !
def _parse(self, text: StringView) -> Tuple[Optional[Node], StringView]:
assert not self.pname, "DropToken must not be used for named parsers!"
......@@ -1245,10 +1237,8 @@ class Whitespace(RegExp):
class DropWhitespace(Whitespace):
EXPERIMENTAL AND UNTESTED! Violates the invariant: str(parse(text)) == text
Parses whitespace but never returns it. Instead EMPTY_NODE is returned
on a match.
on a match. Violates the invariant: str(parse(text)) == text !
def _parse(self, text: StringView) -> Tuple[Optional[Node], StringView]:
......@@ -1522,6 +1512,30 @@ def mandatory_violation(grammar: Grammar,
expected: str,
err_msgs: MessagesType,
reloc: int) -> Tuple[Error, Node, StringView]:
Choses the right error message in case of a mandatory violation and
returns an error with this message, an error node, to which the error
is attached, and the text segment where parsing is to continue.
This is a helper function that abstracts functionality that is
needed by the AllOf- as well as the Series-parser.
:param grammar: the grammar
:param text_: the point, where the mandatory vialoation. As usual the
string view represents the remaining text from this point.
:param expected: the expected (but not found) text at this point.
:param err_msgs: A list of pairs of regular expressions (or simple
strings for that matter) and error messages that are chosen
if the regular expression matches the text where the error
:param reloc: A position value that represents the reentry point for
parsing after the error occurred.
:return: a tuple of an error object, a zombie node at the position
where the mandatory violation occured and to which the error
object is attached and a string view for continuing the
parsing process
i = reloc if reloc >= 0 else 0
location = grammar.document_length__ - len(text_)
err_node = Node(ZOMBIE_TAG, text_[:i]).with_pos(location)
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