Commit b95c2423 authored by Eckhart Arnold's avatar Eckhart Arnold
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- more cython stuff

parent a7ea5970
......@@ -13,11 +13,35 @@ cdef class Node:
cdef public str tag_name
cdef object _xml_attr
cpdef get(self, index_or_tagname, surrogate)
cpdef is_anonymous(self)
cpdef init_pos(self, pos)
cpdef attr_active(self)
# cpdef compare_attr(self, other)
# cpdef _tree_repr(self, tab, open_fn, close_fn, data_fn, density, inline, inline_fn)
# cpdef as_sxpr(self, src, indentation, compact)
# cpdef as_xml(self, src, indentation, inline_tags, omit_tags, empty_tags)
# cpdef select(self, match_function, include_root, reverse)
# cpdef select_by_tag(self, tag_names, include_root)
cpdef pick(self, tag_names)
# cpdef tree_size(self)
cdef class FrozenNode(Node):
cpdef init_pos(self, pos)
cdef class RootNode(Node):
cdef public list all_errors
cdef public list errors
cdef public object error_nodes
cdef public object error_positions
cdef public int error_flag
cdef public set inline_tags
cdef public set omit_tags
cdef public set empty_tags
# cpdef swallow(self, node)
# cpdef add_error(self, node, error)
# cpdef new_error(self, node, message, code)
# cpdef get_errors(self, node)
cpdef customized_XML(self)
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