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Commit cc0f248d authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- early position handling added

parent 6a5bca2f
......@@ -868,9 +868,11 @@ class Grammar:
Node: The root node ot the parse tree.
def succ_pos(nd_list: List[Node]) -> int:
"""Returns the position after the last node in the list."""
return nd_list[-1]._pos + len(nd_list[-1]) if nd_list else 0
def add_pos(node: Node, predecessors: List[Node]) -> int:
"""Adds the position after the last node in the list of
predecessors to the node."""
node._pos = predecessors[-1]._pos + len(predecessors[-1]) if predecessors else 0
return node
# assert isinstance(document, str), type(document)
if self.root__ is None:
......@@ -915,7 +917,7 @@ class Grammar:
if self.history_tracking__ else "..."))
if len(stitches) < MAX_DROPOUTS
else " too often! Terminating parser.")
stitches.append(Node(None, skip).with_pos(succ_pos(stitches)))
stitches.append(add_pos(Node(None, skip), stitches))
if self.history_tracking__:
# some parsers may have matched and left history records with nodes != None.
......@@ -931,8 +933,8 @@ class Grammar:
self.history_tracking__ = False
if stitches:
if rest:
stitches.append(Node(None, rest).with_pos(succ_pos(stitches)))
result = Node(None, tuple(stitches)).with_pos(0)
stitches.append(add_pos(Node(None, rest), stitches))
result = add_pos(Node(None, tuple(stitches)), [])
if any(self.variables__.values()):
error_str = "Capture-retrieve-stack not empty after end of parsing: " + \
......@@ -943,7 +945,7 @@ class Grammar:
# message above ("...after end of parsing") would appear illogical.
error_node = Node(ZOMBIE_PARSER, '')
result.result = result.children + (error_node.with_pos(succ_pos(result.children)),)
result.result = result.children + (add_pos(error_node, result.children),)
result.pos = 0 # calculate all positions
......@@ -367,10 +367,6 @@ class Node(
raise AssertionError("position value not initialized!")
return self._pos
def with_pos(self, pos: int) -> 'Node':
assert self._pos < 0
self._pos = pos
return self
def pos(self, pos: int):
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