Commit d0e0a4d9 authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- xml-Bereinigungen

parent 02e79bfb
......@@ -258,10 +258,10 @@ def get_report(test_unit):
cst = tests.get('__cst__', {}).get(test_name, None)
if cst and (not ast or str(test_name).endswith('*')):
report.append('\n### CST')
if ast:
report.append('\n### AST')
for test_name, test_code in tests.get('fail', dict()).items():
heading = 'Fail-test "%s"' % test_name
report.append('\n%s\n%s\n' % (heading, '-' * len(heading)))
......@@ -605,7 +605,7 @@ def replace_parser(context: List[Node], name: str):
def flatten(context: List[Node], condition: Callable=is_anonymous, recursive: bool=True):
Flattens all children, that fulfil the given ``condition``
Flattens all children, that fulfill the given ``condition``
(default: all unnamed children). Flattening means that wherever a
node has child nodes, the child nodes are inserted in place of the
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