Commit daffdf91 authored by di68kap's avatar di68kap
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- DHParser/ Grammar class: added anonymize__ to class definition and docstring

parent 8fdb8917
......@@ -682,9 +682,16 @@ class Grammar:
that act as rules to find the reentry point if a ParserError was
thrown during the execution of the parser with the respective name.
parser_initializiation__: Before the parser class (!) has been initialized,
anonymize__: Either a regular expression or a set of strings that
identify names of parsers that shall be treated as anonymous parsers,
even though they are assigned to a class field (see
`:func:_assign_parser_names()`). The default is to treat all parsers
starting with an underscore as anonymous in addition to those
parsers that are not directly assigned to a class field.
parser_initializiation__: Before the grammar class (!) has been initialized,
which happens upon the first time it is instantiated (see
:func:_assign_parser_names()` for an explanation), this class
`:func:_assign_parser_names()` for an explanation), this class
field contains a value other than "done". A value of "done" indicates
that the class has already been initialized.
......@@ -804,6 +811,7 @@ class Grammar:
# root__ must be overwritten with the root-parser by grammar subclass
parser_initialization__ = ["pending"] # type: List[str]
resume_rules__ = dict() # type: Dict[str, ResumeList]
anonymous__ = re.compile(r'_\w+') # type: Union[RxPatternType, Set[str]]
# some default values
# COMMENT__ = r'' # type: str # r'#.*(?:\n|$)'
# WSP_RE__ = mixin_comment(whitespace=r'[\t ]*', comment=COMMENT__) # type: str
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