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General TODO-List
Ideas for further development
Readability of Code
......@@ -50,3 +50,29 @@ Challenges:
Some parsers cannot profit from the optimization. For example variable
delimiters, otherwise as all delimiters a good candidate for discarding
cannot be discarded any more.
Supplement the History-Recording functionality of DHParser with a tracing
debugger, i.e. a debugger that allows to trace particular parsers:
- Add a tracing parser class that - like the Forward-Parser-class - "contains"
another parser without its calls being run through the parser guard, but
that records every call of the parser and its results, e.g. to trace the
`option`-parser from the ebnf-parser (see DHParser/ you'd write:
`option = Trace(Series(Token("["), expression, Token("]"), mandatory=1))`
- For the ebnf-representation a tracing-prefix could be added, say `?`, e.g.
`option = ?("[" §expression "]")` or, alternatively,
`?option = "[" §expression "]"`
- Another Alternative would be to add an EBNF-compiler directive, say `@ trace`,
so one could write `@ trace = option` at the beginning of the EBNF-code.
* disadvantage: only parsers represented by symobols can be traced
(can always be circumvented by introducing further symbols.)
* advantages: less clutter in the EBNF-code and easier to swith between
debugging and production code by simply commenting out the
trace-statements at the beginning.
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